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What does the word mean, Facebook Dating App Secret Crush? It’s a little question that at now, you’ll have already taken Facebook Dating out for a spin. But might still be wondering “What facebook dating secret crush is and the way it works” It’s a cool little feature, and yet it’s one you would possibly be overlooked if you aren’t sure where to start.

Facebook Dating App Secret Crush
Facebook Dating App Secret Crush

Facebook dating is made quite like Tinder but has many differences. Dating with Facebook features a great advantage mostly with the key crush feature which is so awesome. Read on to seek out more about this feature.

Facebook Dating App Secret Crush

Facebook’s dating secret crush feature is extremely easy to use. But in fact, to start you’ve got to opt-in and make a dating profile that will make use of data and photos from your existing account. Once you’ve created the profile, you’ll be matched with people who supported your interests and also the events that you’ve gone to.

Now, one issue is, albeit you’ll choose for the matches to incorporate friends of your Facebook friends, Facebook dating doesn’t match you with the folks that you know and might like. Whatever happens within the dating app, stays within the dating app unless you select it to not.

Now, that’s where Facebook’s dating secret crush comes in. the key crush may be a more jazzed-up version of the system of Tinder. However, with the swiping right and left in fact. It works more like once you both like one another, Facebook will allow you to know, then you’ll keep it up from there.

Facebook Dating Secret Crush

The secret crush feature allows you to pick folks that your friends with on Fb or those you follow on Instagram are connected to a “Secret Crush List”. The list stays as a secret with you, however, whenever you add someone who uses dating on the list, they’re going to be notified that somebody features a crush on them.

If both of you add one another to your secret crush lists, then the app reveals you to every other then you’ve got the power to message one another. Now you ought to have in mind that if you add someone to the list who isn’t on the Facebook dating service, they won’t be notified of your crush on them. which suggests you’ll be the sole one aware of it and not them.

How to Use Secret Crush on Facebook Dating

If you’re curious about using the feature, all you’ve got to try is to make a dating profile that’s free and straightforward to try. Your Facebook app must be updated and you want to be 18 years and above. Then you’ll add a secret crush using these steps;

  • Go to your Facebook app or the website www.facebook.com and then tap or click the Dating icon.
  • Scroll right down to Secret crush.
  • Tap choose it.
  • Tap and look for Facebook friends or Instagram followers then add them.

I told you the steps were easy, now there you go.


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