Facebook Dating App Free for Singles – Facebook for Singles App | Dating App on Facebook Free

Facebook Dating App Free for Singles is out and so far has been a success. There are lots of singles using Facebook and with the release of the singles dating app, many users have been their partners. Now if you are yet to use the Facebook Dating app free for singles, then you are missing out on a lot. The singles app on the biggest social media platform allows you to meet and connect with other singles who are ready to mingle on the app. I honestly don’t see a reason why you are yet to try out Facebook dating app free for singles. Read on to find out more.

Facebook Dating App Free for Singles - Dating App on Facebook Free | Facebook for Singles App

Facebook Dating App Free for Singles

As you might have already known, Facebook has always been about making meeting new people and making connections. Now, it is even better with the dating app which is free for single users to use in finding love. As I mentioned earlier, the dating app has been getting some really nice positive comments even though it is not yet worldwide. Yes, that’s right. Facebook Dating App Free for Singles is not made worldwide. That means it is not available globally, but it sure has reached quite a good number of countries and regions.

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Facebook Dating App Free

Facebook Dating App Free is the home dating for singles on the platform. For those that are using Facebook and which to go into online dating, there’s no need to go far, Facebook Dating feature is here to meet your expectations. Facebook dating is called an app because it is actually within the Facebook main app. That is to say, for the regions that it is available, the updated version of Facebook is needed to use it. It is actually a feature within the platform itself, there’s no standalone application that needs to be installed or downloaded.

For as long as the Facebook Dating app is available in your location, then you are already a step ahead. Facebook Dating App Free for Singles doesn’t make use of your Facebook profile to connect with singles, although having a Facebook profile is needed. To use Facebook dating app free, you need to create a dating profile that is completely separate from your normal Facebook account.

How Does Facebook Dating App for Singles Works

The dating app is very simple to use. But first, you need to create a dating profile using the Facebook app, because that’s the other app you can use. Once your profile is created, you can start matching with potential partners. Facebook Dating App Free for Singles doesn’t use the swipe right and left motion that most you might be used to.

On the dating app, once you come across a profile you like, comment, or like the profile. If the person replies back, you can start texting using a separate texting feature. You get to meet and match with others based on your preferences, groups, or events.

Facebook Dating App Location

Facebook dating currently available for adults who have a Facebook account. It is currently available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam. Now that’s making it 20 locations in total who are accessible to Facebook Dating App Free for Singles.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

I mentioned earlier that the Facebook dating app is not separate but rather is built within Facebook, so that means you need to app to access the dating home. Download the updated version of Facebook on your device is very simple and fast. To do that, open your device app Store and enter Facebook, then select the first one on the result. Select Install from the next page that will be shown.

Facebook Dating Home

Facebook dating home is simply the homepage of the dating app or feature. Of course, you need to access it before you can create a dating profile. It is an opt-in service or feature, so you have to opt-in from the Dating home. To access the Facebook Home, open the app, and then sign in to your account. Then tap on the horizontal lines on the right corner of your navigation page. Scroll through the options that will be show and tap on “Dating”. The Dating Homepage will be loaded on your device. So let’s look at how you can create your dating profile.

Facebook Dating App Profile

Setting up a dating profile is very simple and fast. Follow the instructions below to create a dating profile;

  • Tap on the menu tab and select “Dating”.
  • Select your gender and that of those you’d like to match.
  • Provide other information like your age, job type, education, have children or not, location, and others. After that follow the on-screen instructions that will be shown.

Your Facebook Dating App Free for Singles profile will be created and you start connecting and matching with people.

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