Facebook Dating App Free – Facebook Free Dating Site| Download Facebook Dating App

Hi guys, today is another great day when you will learn about new things. What I will be discussing with you all is all about Facebook Dating App Free. If you look very well, you will see that there is a topic above which we have to tackle. If I said ask, how can we download the Facebook dating app, right now most of us will be thinking something different.

Facebook Dating App Free - Facebook Free Dating Site|  Download Facebook Dating App

We think that Facebook has a specially designed app that is meant for only dating services. But I tell you today right inside this paragraph that you will not find a separate app that is meant for Facebook dating.

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What I am trying to say is that the Facebook dating app free is the mobile app that we all knew about right from time. If you are willing to know more about this topic ok n the Facebook dating app. You should keep on reading because as you do you will be exposed to so many things that you never knew about before.

Facebook Dating App Free

Having known about the Facebook dating app free, as I have said before now it is located on the Facebook mobile app. So if you are still searching. Searching for the Facebook dating app on the internet, you will not be able to find it.

I believe that every one of us here knows what Facebook is and when it comes to dating it. It is among one of the best dating platforms that you will love to use because the dating service is free to each of its users.

There are features that this dating service has on the Facebook app. Let jump over to that section by reading through the next paragraph below this one.

Features of Facebook Dating

What do you think are the features of the Facebook dating app. If someone should come to you who is not yet aware of this service that Facebook brings to its users. What will you tell the person are the features of the dating app? Let see through them in the list below;

  • It does not have a Ads or a promotion pop-up when it comes to the dating service.
  • It is said to be a feature that is built for long-term relationships.
  • Facebook dating is optional, that is to say, you can decide to opt-out whenever you wish to.
  • Your dating profile is not connected to your main Facebook profile. That is to say, your friends on Facebook will not know if you are using the Facebook dating service on your account.
  • It is not limited to any gender or sex category, both men, women, boys, and girls can make use of it but they must be above 18 years of age.
  • There is no pop-up on your Facebook news feed.
  • It does not have your friends displayed as matches.
  • The overall thing is that this dating service is free, when I mean free 108% free no fees are added to it.

These are the little features that I can think about right now but you should have in mind that there are still so many features that are not mentioned here but they are found when it comes to the dating service.

Like I said that Facebook does not have a separate app for dating. The dating app of Facebook is the original Facebook mobile app. So if you don’t have it you can download it.

Facebook Free Dating Site

This is what we have been explaining since the beginning of the article. What I want us to get from this paragraph is that then you may not find this service on your Facebook website. Because this is something you should really need to know about also.

What is that thing, the reason you may not find the dating service on your Facebook site? Does that mean the dating service is not yet made available to all the countries? Only a few countries can make use of the service so you see the dating notification pop up on your Facebook news feed page that means you can use it.

If you don’t see any notification about the dating service that also means it is not available in your location or country. And you can not make use of the service because it has not been launched in your country.

You can find it on your Facebook profile. A love or heart icon will be shown at the top of your profile page and you can click on it to set up your dating profile.

Facebook Dating Page

As I have said that if you can’t find the dating service on your account and I mentioned that it is not yet available in your location. Do you know what, even this service or dating feature is not yet available in your country or location? You can still take part in Facebook dating?

Some people may want to know how they can still be part of this, all you need is the dating page and groups. There is something that is very amazing about this, is that without the main dating service, you can date on the platform. You don’t need the dating service to be available in your country first.

All you do is just search for a dating page or group on Facebook and you have to become a member of the page or group before you can start using the dating pages or groups. Now let talk about downloading because that was our key focus.

Download Facebook App for Dating

When you get to this part of the article you should know that it is talking about the Facebook mobile app itself. Because through the app you can access the dating service. So while not follow the steps below to download this app.

  • Go to your smartphone app store be it iOS or Android phone, access it app store.
  • Then search for “Facebook” and wait for the result to come up.
  • Click on the app and hit on the download or install button to download the app and after that, you have to install it.

With these short steps, you can download the Facebook mobile app into your smartphone for free. Now over to the last sub-heading of the article.

How to Use Facebook Dating

Using this dating service or feature is very easy and it also free as I have said before earlier on. Which you need to set up your dating profile before you can use the service and to get it set up, follow the guidelines below.

  • Firstly, you have to access your account by logging in to it.
  • Then tap on the profile, you will see the “Heart” icon there at the top click on it.
  • The next thing is to enter your details like gender, location, your like, and also your dislike, and then upload a photo on your dating profile.
  • When you are done, click on the ”Confirm” button to set up your profile and you are free to use it.

With these, you can set up your dating profile on your Facebook app and start using it. That’s all for today, thanks for your time. You should know that without a Facebook account, you cannot access the dating service on the platform.

So, for you to be able to be part of the Facebook dating service, you need a general Facebook account, you can get one by visiting Facebook.com. And then follow the on-screen instructions on the sign-up page to have your account created.

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