Facebook Dating App Download 2020 – Facebook Dating App Download Free | Dating On Facebook in 2020

What comes to mind when you hear about the Facebook Dating App Download 2020? I know a lot must have been going through your mind about the dating app. Well, I will be providing all the answers to your though on this article. Facebook dating app download 2020 is very vital for you to have access to the platform of the dating sites that are on Facebook. I know you want to find more about the app. Why not find out more about it in the second part of this article.

Facebook Dating App Download 2020 - Facebook Dating App Download Free | Dating On Facebook in 2020

Facebook Dating App Download 2020

Facebook dating app download 2020 gives you all the updates or details you needed. The download of this app is very simple and easy. The app isn’t available to all countries just a few countries have access to this app and African Countries are not included also. The app was first launched in the United States of America. It is the app that makes you meet singles on the platform who are looking for serious relationships and dates. But do know that, the Facebook dating app is the same as download the official Facebook app also. I will be explaining that in detail to you later.

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Dating on Facebook

Dating on Facebook is fun-filled and exciting. This is because they’re on the dating platform you get to meet people who are very much interested in having a serious relationship. However, the platform has a lot of features that can make you what to stay on the platform for a long. These amazing features will make you visit the dating platform often without you losing interest in it.

Facebook Dating App for Singles

I know you are quite confused that what is Facebook dating app for singles? Well, you don’t have to be confused, the Facebook dating app for singles is meant for singles men and women you are interested in shaving serious relationships. It is also meant for those who are above the age of 18 years and above. If you below the age of 18 it is advisable you don’t download the app.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

Do you know that downloading the Facebook dating app downloads 2020 and it is free? Yes, it is for free and access it also is for free as well. However, if you recall earlier when explaining to you that the dating app and the official Facebook app are both the same. There is nothing of such call Facebook dating app rather is the dating app. The app is for free, what you are been charged for is your data. I will be showing you how to download the app later.

Download Facebook Dating app

Finally we at the favorite session of this article where you can get the steps on how to download the Facebook Dating App. remember that, the Facebook official app is what we are downloading. This is because the dating app in right inside the Facebook app. the following are steps to download the dating app below:

  • On your device type or tap on Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Type in “Facebook” on the search space box
  • Then tap on the search engine and wait for the result to be displayed.
  • Locate the Facebook latest version app and tap on it.
  • Then click on download or install.
  • It will commence downloading or installing immediately.

The following above are the steps to take when downloading Facebook Dating App.

Facebook Account Sign Up

Facebook account Sign up is important after you must have downloaded the Facebook Dating App Download 2020. Therefore, for those who don’t have a Facebook account and want to join the dating platform should take the instruction below.

  • Go to your web browser on your device and type Facebook.
  • Then on the Facebook homepage locate create an account.
  • Tap on it; fill in all the details given.
  • First name and surname.
  • Your mobile phone number or email address.
  • Password for your account.
  • Your date of birth and then your gender.
  • Tap on sign up to continue with the application.
  • A pop will display on your screen asking to confirm your date of birth.
  • Then verify your phone number after entering it and a confirmation code will be sent to your phone.
  • Fill it in the space that was provided for the confirmation code sent on the screen of your device.
  • Then start setting up your Facebook profile.

The following are steps to sign up for your Facebook account.

Facebook Dating Profile Set Up

To set up your Facebook dating profile you have to log in and before you can set it up. The following are the set up to setting up your Facebook dating profile.

  • Log into your Facebook account through the Facebook app.
  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • On your Facebook profile, locate an icon with the shape of a heart.
  • Once you locate it tap on the heart icon that appears on your Facebook profile.
  • Then it will have to take you to the dating home.
  • Create your dating profile, by input your gender, likes and interests, location, and a picture of yourself as well.
  • After creating your dating profile, then tap on the confirmation.
  • You are now connected and as such can hook up with other singles.

These are the steps to setting up a profile for Facebook Dating App Download 2020.

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