Facebook Cover Photo Size – Facebook Cover Photo Size Mobile | Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Here we are again going to be talking about Facebook Cover Photo Size. This is what most users don’t know about as far as myself. I knew about FB cover photo size in inches so months ago but I waited for a day like this to review it out.

Facebook Cover Photo Size - Facebook Cover Photo Size Mobile	| Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Have you not noticed that whenever you are posting a photo to your profile or cover photo, there is a limit in the photo size after posting? That limit is called the Facebook cover photo size 2020 template.

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You don’t have to back out of this article now for you will be provided with the sizes of each photo that you are posting on your account.

Facebook Cover Photo Size

The Facebook cover photo size adjust, helps you to adjust or crop your image size on your FB account. This process is done automatically that you don’t need to do it all by yourself. Facebook is responsible for the Facebook cover photo maker.

Some of us have been on the platform for a long and also some of us are just registered on the platform for not quite long. How can you be able to identify if your cover photo is been cropped or resized?

Facebook Cover Photo Size 2020

The 2020 header you see here is also talking about what the first and second paragraph has said. The reason for this header is to inform us all that this feature is still available on the platform to this present time or year 2020.

It is available to every user whether old or new, when posting a photo, there is a decrease in size or length. That now takes us to the following subheader below, this is where we will understand more about the cover photo size.

Facebook Page Cover Photo Size

It is stated that every device has its size which Facebook resize their photos too. As for smartphones, it is very much different from those using a computer. Right away let see the size of the page cover photo on computers and that of smartphones.

The size of the page cover photo is deferred from that of the page profile picture. For the page cover photo, we have 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers. And that of smartphones, we have 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall.

Facebook Profile Picture Size

Then for a page profile picture is 170×170 display pixels on computers and 128×128 display on smartphones. There is also another display for this profile picture size and that is 36×36 pixels for most feature phones.

This size is also recommended for your main Facebook profile photo as well, so now you see how the Facebook cover photo size cropper is now. Believe you enjoyed the content and there are also so many articles you can read on this website.

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