Facebook Contest Apps Review – Benefits of the Facebook Contest App

What comes to your mind when you hear of a Facebook contest app review? If you have ever come across a Facebook contest app before if not, you are in the right place to get information regarding the Facebook contest app review. All you have to do in order to get the information on this page you have to go through it first.

Facebook Contest Apps Review
Facebook Contest Apps Review

If you don’t know the uses of these apps, they help to capture lead information such as email addresses. They also help to increase the ROI of your Market spend. Moreover, if you have ever thought of running contests, giveaways, or sweepstakes on your Facebook account, these apps can be considered you to use.

Facebook Contest Apps Review

Now that you know a little bit account the Facebook contest app, you will wish to know the best Facebook app to make use of. Yes, Facebook contests apps are the top-ranking application to use for running contests on your business page on Facebook. Yes, there are lots of apps to use, which is why people will love to know the best one they can use. That will make you have a question in mind like what is the best contest app, you can also know about that on this content.

What is the best contest app for Facebook?

Yes, if you have a question like this in for main you will be glad to be here. Facebook is a very big social media platform and will not give their users any tools or features that dose not beneficial to them. Before you know the best contrast app for Facebook you will love to know the benefit of Facebook Contests.

Benefits of the Facebook contest app

  • To promote your services or products.
  • Improves your SEO
  • It helps to get important data.
  • Increases social proof.
  • The Facebook contest helps to build your social media base.
  • It increases social engagement.
  • Contests are great ways It encourages interaction among your customers.
  • Facebook contest increases your awareness of the platform.
  • Increases your subscribers or followers.
  • The sales increase is done using contests apps.

What is listed above are the benefits of Facebook contest, which are the reason you should make use of them.

Best contest apps for Facebook

This it the part you have been looking for on this page and with out wasting any more time the best Facebook contest app will be listed below. like mentioned above you there are a lot of contest app for you to use. Look below to see some of the best contest app to use for you Facebook:

  • Heyo
  • Wish Pond
  • ShortStack
  • AgoraPluse
  • WooBox

Those are some of the best contest apps for Facebook, keep reading below to know a little kore about them.


Heyo is one of the best Facebook contests apps to use. It is a drag and drop platform that makes it easy to launch your Facebook app and drive traffic, etc. It is mostly aimed at entrepreneurs and SMBs with a great variety of templates to choose from.

Heyo encourages creativity with its fully editable templates. You can design or decorate them to your choose One interesting feature of Heyo is that with every contest you build, it automatically make it mobile optimized. With a smart URL to us for your marketing.

Wish Pond

This is a social media contest and promotion apps that allow its users to run unlimited contests, campaigns, etc. Wish Pond also offers a great variety of other tools such as email marketing automation, landing page creators, retargeting ads, etc.

Also, it offers users a range of well-designed templates from which you can choose form. The strongest point of this social media contest tool is its reporting function with awesome key filters available.


ShortStack allows you to create custom tabs and also contest on your page. With tool makes it easier to add images and video clips to your content promotion. Creating contests, landing pages, apps, and campaigns are easier with ShortStack.

Agora Pulse

This is a go for all-in-one tool for managing your Facebook page. It makes it easy for you to create apps, engagement management, qualify and also measure your results.

Agora Pulse is very easy to use also fast. Moreover, it is more than just an app for running contests with a good CRM and analytics suite.

Woo box

This app is an excellent complete marketing campaign suit to use. Woo box offers a number of premade templates and also it is easy to work with the others on this list. When running contests with this app, you can set the odds for winning, retry and also the prize.



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