Facebook Card Games – Facebook Messenger Games | Play Free Facebook Card Games

I have noticed so many things about some users who are using the Facebook social media platform. They do love playing games, not just all kinds of games but Facebook Card Games. The reason games were brought into the platform by Facebook is because. There are times whereby users get bored like they don’t have anything to do on the platform whereby there is no one to chat or talk with. He or she can play games on the platform in other to while away time and the games are free to play. Facebook games can be played by anyone, it is not restricted by age, not like the Facebook dating feature. I just mention something here now, Facebook dating. You can also get articles on it on this site also.

Facebook Card Games - Facebook Messenger Games | Play Free Facebook Card Games

Facebook Card Games

To continue the article, when it comes to Facebook games. There are lots of them you can choose from like we have different categories of games apart from card games. And here they are; action, bingo, board, builders, card, card battle, and match 3. We also have other games like MOBA, poker and table, puzzle, role-playing, runner game, simulation, slots, sports, strategy, and trivia and word games. All these categories that I have listed here are all the categories of games on the Facebook platform. But our main focus is card games, so I will be talking only on card games, not about the other games. Maybe I will talk about them later.

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Types of Facebook Card Games

If you take note when I was listing out the categories of Facebook games. I mention card and battle card games as a category. Yes, we do have card and battle card game, for you to know more about them I will explain little on them both.

Card Games

This card game is a game played by throwing cards. There are good numbers of card games on Facebook that you can play.

  • We have UNO.
  • Spider solitaire.
  • Solitaire: Forest rescue.
  • Mahjong ll.
  • Solitaire kings.
  • Bingo.
  • Phase 10: world tour.
  • Solitaire duels.
  • Solitaire collection.
  • Indian legends solitaire.
  • Dark ages solitaire.

These are a list of some card games you can play on Facebook but there are so many more of them only if you access the Facebook account.

Facebook Card Battle Games

This is where we talk about the battle card games. Have in mind that the card and the battle card game are somehow similar to each other. Because both games are been played by card mothed. I believe you know what battle is right, something within two or more people. That is also how the Facebook battle game is like also, you challenge to play with a compute just like the Facebook Ludo game. There are also good numbers of battle games you can play on the platform as well.

  • Clash of orcs.
  • Royal slots casino slot machines.
  • Butterfly.
  • Lockdown brawl battle royale.
  • Card master.
  • Bird world.
  • Slots machine jackpot Vegas 777.
  • Card memory.
  • World of zoo.
  • Gold casino slots free machine.
  • Candy soda.
  • Free bingo live: bingo slots.
  • Zynga poker – free texa holdem.

Here we have the list of some few battle card games on Facebook free to play.

How to Play Card Games on Facebook

I will be directing you all on how you can access the game page on Facebook and how you can also play the games on it. So, if you are new to the platform and you don’t know about the game page or room, now you know. Quickly, I want to explain to you all how you can play all these games yourself, you have to follow the steps below.

  • You have to log in to your Facebook account using their official website www.facebook.com. And you can also make use of the mobile app too.
  • After accessing your account, look at the left column when you log into your newsfeed page.
  • Click the option “See More” and select the game’s option.
  • When you are done, the link will take you to the game page where you will find all the game categories that I have listed at the beginning of the article.
  • The category is located at the left corner of your screen if you are using a system but if you are using the mobile app. The categories will be given straight off.
  • Enter the card or card battle category since we are discussing card games.
  • Games under the category of a card or card battle games will be shown, you just have to make your selection by clicking on the game you want to play.
  • Click on the play button choose to the game you want to play and that is all.

These are all the steps that you need in other to access and also play the Facebook card games.

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