Facebook Avatar Maker App Free 2021 – Facebook Avatar – Create My Free Avatar on Facebook

Facebook 2021 Avatar Maker Free App is here, this is the newest feature that has been added to the platform and I believe you have come across it. The avatar is represented by tiny doppelgangers on the platform. However, if you are unaware of this latest addition, then you’ve clicked on the right post to learn about it.

Facebook Avatar Maker App Free 2021 - Facebook Avatar - Create My Free Avatar on Facebook

In this Facebook Avatar Maker App Free 2021, I will be putting through everything that you need to learn about the feature and how you can also make a cartoon version of yourself.

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Facebook Avatar Maker App Free 2021

With the Facebook app, lots of users of Facebook are actually creating cartoon versions of themselves to use for making comments and others. Making your own avatar on Facebook is simple and can be done fast.

Once your avatar is created on the platform, you use it to express yourself as you want on Facebook. That includes making comments, updating status, texting, and also it can be used as your profile picture.

Your avatar is a cartoon version of yourself, which means you’re in control of how it looks. One fun thing about the feature is that you can change clothes whenever you want. Interesting, right? So, what exactly is waiting for to create yours?

Facebook Avatar 2021

With the latest addition to the platform; Facebook avatar; interactions on the platform have become more fun. Why you might be asking, right? Well, the reason is that your avatar can be used for making comments, for texting, profile picture, and many other fun activities that you can possibly think of.

However, the Facebook avatar feature is available for Android and iOS operating systems. This means it can’t be accessed using the Facebook website. But, note that your Facebook app needs to be updated to access the feature and use it.

Also, Facebook avatar 2020 is not yet available worldwide just in few locations including India, Nigeria, New Zealand, and others.

Facebook Avatar Maker

Facebook avatar is available for smartphone devices which includes iOS and Android devices. So that means, it can’t be accessed using a desktop. Yes, read right. Facebook avatar is not available for Desktop or computers, just for smartphones.

However, to use the avatar on phone, the Facebook app needs to be updated to the newest version. Or you can simply download the updated version of the Facebook App on Android or iPhone.

Create My Avatar on Facebook

As earlier mentioned, creating your own avatar is simple and fast to do. All you need is a good connection on your device and then follow the instructions below;

  • Open Facebook and make sure your account is logged or login f not.
  • Tap on your menu icon from your account and then hit on “Avatars”.
  • Then tap on next and select your skin tone. Hit next.
  • Choose your hairstyle and tap on the paint drop icon to select hair color.
  • Select a face shape and choose complexion.
  • Add face lines and then select your eye shape.
  • Use the paint drop icon and select your eye color.
  • You can decide to add makeup or leave it at default.
  • Select eyebrow shape and color.
  • Then add accessories to your Face if you want.
  • Choose nose type, lip shape, and color.
  • Select body shape and an outfit to go with.
  • Tap on the checkmark once you’re done with your customization.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your avatar, you tap Done and then Done again to commence.

Now, with the steps above, your avatar on Facebook will be created and you can start using it. Use it as your temporary profile picture if you want and share it with friends.

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