Facebook Avatar Creator App Free Download – Facebook Avatar | How to Create Avatar on Facebook

“Facebook Avatar Creator App Free Download” Facebook has introduced lots of interesting features to its platform over the past years, and recently, they just introduced a new feature call Facebook avatar.

Facebook Avatar Creator App Free Download - Facebook Avatar | How to Create Avatar on Facebook

If you are just hearing about a Facebook avatar for the first time, then you might just be amazed by how useful the feature can be. Lots of Facebook account owners who have used the Facebook avatar have testified to how interesting and useful Facebook avatar can be.

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And I bet that if you see how useful Facebook avatar is on other Facebook account you would want to ask how to download the Facebook avatar creator app free.

Facebook Avatar Creator App Free Download

Before explaining how to download Facebook avatar creator app free, first, let me ask what is Facebook Avatar? not everybody knows about what Facebook avatar is or how useful it is. Well, a Facebook avatar is more like a look-alike cartoon character of Facebook users.

Facebook account owners make use of the avatar to comment on posts, Facebook stories, and even chat, it functions more like the emoji, and with it on your Facebook account, it would take the place of emojis. You can use it just the way you make use of emojis.

Facebook Avatar

Now that you know about Facebook’s avatar which was stated in the previous paragraph, you must want to know the app that would help you create your avatar. The Facebook avatar creator app is the app designed to help you create your look just like a cartoon character avatar.

The Facebook avatar creator app was fully designed to help users create their avatar without having to go through lots of stress doing it.

Facebook Avatar Feature

The platform is filled with lots of options that would help you with creating a character that looks like you. these options include:

  • 27 different skin tones.
  • Hairstyles.
  • Face lines.
  • Eyes.
  • Lash.
  • Brow shape.
  • Face shape and complexion.
  • Facial hairs.
  • Noses.
  • Outfits and more.

There is more than enough selection for each of the options listed above for you to create a perfect avatar character that looks like you.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

When it comes to Facebook avatar creator app free download, there are certain things you would need to know. First, Facebook did not create a separate platform for the Facebook avatar creator app, so if you want to download the avatar app, you would be downloading the Facebook app instead.

But if you already have a Facebook avatar app installed on your device. You cannot access find the app on your mobile device, then what you need to do is to update the Facebook app you are using. If you want to update your Facebook app because it is outdated.

But if yours does not display that, try re-download the app from the App store on your device. Note: App stores like Google Play Store or Apple store always carry the latest updates of every app in their store.

So, by downloading the Facebook app which has no price tag attached to it (free) from the App Store, you would be automatically updating the Facebook app on your device.

How to Access Facebook Avatar

If after updating your Facebook app you find it hard to locate the Facebook avatar creator app. Follow the steps stated below to locate the Facebook avatar creator app:

  • First, you need to open the Facebook app you updated or downloaded.
  • Log in to your www.facebook.com account into the app if you have not done that already.
  • When the app opens, click the menu located at the top right corner of the page.
  • On the menu section, click see more.
  • On the see more section you should find the Facebook avatar creator app.

And with that locating the Facebook avatar creator app should not be a problem for you. Note: also, you need to note that the Facebook avatar creator app. It is a new feature and is still spreading around the world.

So, if you do not see it on the menu even after updating your Facebook app. Know that the app is not yet available in your country.

Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

I am going to be providing you with some steps on how you can make or create your own Facebook avatar. All you need to do is to follow the steps below this paragraph.

  • Access your Facebook account on your mobile app.
  • Then go to settings by tapping the menu icon at the right top corner of your account.
  • Now, scroll down to where you will find “See More”. Tap on it to proceed.
  • Tap on the avatar option and tap on the next button to begin.
  • Select your skin type, hairstyle, and face shape. You can now edit your avatar to make it look more okay by following all the steps that are needed to beautify your avatar.

After carrying out all these steps, you will see that your avatar is set. It can be used to comment and carry out other activities on your Facebook profile.

Note, the Facebook avatar can also be used on the Facebook messenger app. You can’t access this new Facebook feature on the Facebook web, only by using the mobile app.

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