Facebook Avatar Bitmoji – Facebook Avatar | Make Your Very Own Facebook Avatar

It should interest you in having your own Facebook Avatar Bitmoji. Bitmoji has been around for some time on the internet, now it has its own version of the virtual lookalikes, this Facebook new Avatar features, It was lunch on Wednesdays in the US and it was first introduced last year after being spotted in code in 2018, and this Facebook Avatar Bitmoji is not available in all the countries. And it’s since available in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada.

Facebook Avatar Bimoji - Facebook Avatar | Make Your Very Own Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar Bitmoji

So much interaction these days on the internet are taking place online, which is very important than ever to able to express yourself personally on Facebook. Say Goodbye to the days of expressing our emotions through the generic sad, happy, angry mood, or thumbs up Emoji on Facebook. Facebook rolled out it’s Avatar features to users in the US this week, after launching it last year in other countries, the features allow Facebook users to create a cartoon avatar of them. They can use Avatar in comments, Facebook stories, and messenger.

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Facebook New Avatar Feature

Facebook avatar rolled out to users in the US this week, after launching it last year in other countries, this app is similar to Snapchat Bitmoji, the features allows Facebook users to create a cartoon Avatar of themselves, this Facebook avatar can be used in comments, Facebook stories, and messengers. Notes this Facebook can be used both within and outside the social media platform as you desire, however, there are one slight details you have to pay attention to. The Facebook avatar feature might not be yet available in your country.

Facebook Avatar Creator

You need this avatar creator app if you intend in creating your very own personal avatar on Facebook. This Facebook avatar creator app is the same app like the Facebook official app. In the sense that it is the same Facebook official app, you are going to make use of if you want to create a Facebook avatar.

How to Create Facebook Bitmoji Avatar

Creating your own Bitmoji Avatar on Facebook with so many emotion and expression to choose from, Avatar let you react and engage more authentically with family and friend across the world, this app comes with great features for you to enjoy these great features. Follow the step below to create your own Bitmoji avatar; you can access this great feature with Facebook messengers. Users can make their Avatar on Facebook or messenger by clicking the smiley face and then click the sticker tab.

Steps to Create Facebook Avatar

Making use of your Avatar created Facebook avatar could actually be simpler than you think, all you need to do is to follow the step below, and the step is here for you to follow make use of the step.

  • Open up the Facebook app on your iOS or Android phone. Then tap on the three horizontal lines at the bottom of the right of your screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on “See More’’.
  • Tap on ‘’Avatar’’.
  • Tap ‘’next’’ to Get started.
  • Chooses a skin tone that best fits yours and then taps ‘’Next’’.
  • Then, go through each section of Hairstyle, hair, color, face shape, eye shape and color, makeup, eyebrows, nose shape, facial hair, body shape, outfit. Etc. you can now customize your Avatar to look your liking.
  • When you are done customizing your avatar, tap the check mark in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Once the screen finish loading, then tap ‘’Next”.
  • Tap ‘’Done’’.

Bum! YOU have finished making your Avatar, you can tap on the arrow sign in the top right to share it to your Facebook feed or set it as a temporary profile picture.

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