Facebook Avatar 2021 – Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Creator

With the Facebook Avatar 2021 feature, you can now say goodbye to only expressing yourself with an angry, sad, thumbs up, surprised, or caring face. Because now, you can actually create a digital you and use it for comments and expressing yourself. It is similar to Bitmoji, where you get to create or design a cartoon copy of you or how you want to look.

Facebook Avatar 2021 - Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Creator

This new feature has taken the world by surprise or storm. People are making their own emojis and sharing them on the platform. How fun does it sound? If you’re wondering about knowing more about this feature and also how you can use it. Then read on to find out more about the Facebook avatar 2020 iPhone.

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Facebook Avatar 2021

Facebook Avatar 2021 is the newest addition to the platform this year. It makes the platform more fun to interact with faces, you no longer need to just make use of the generic sad, happy, surprised, caring faces, and the famous thumbs up. And with the addition, most people are finding it hard to create their Avatar to use on the platform, but you need not worry because I have got covered. In this post today, I will be showing you can make your own avatar, the apps to use, and how you can access it.

Facebook Avatar

As I said earlier, the Avatar feature is just like Bitmoji, so it can be called an emoji. Well, the Facebook avatar emoji is more like an emoji that is customized by you. It is yours, so you can personalize it to the way you want to look or how you wish to see yourself.

Facebook is a platform that is being used by billions of active users, so the avatar you create and use on the platform represents you. Creating your own avatar emoji on Facebook is simple and fast. Before I will go on to show you how to make your own personalized avatar, let’s talk about how to create apps. As you must have already known, it is a feature with the platform, Yes. But there are apps that are used for creating your own.

Facebook Avatar Creator

Now, if you think that the creator app is a standalone app, then you are wrong. Yes, it is called the Facebook Creator App, but it is none other than Facebook and Messenger. That’s right, you can create your own avatar using the Facebook app or Messenger app. The process very simple and quite fun to do, you get to try out different styles, face sizes, eye colors, etc.

Facebook and Messenger are the creator apps because the feature is not available for desktop or pc users. To create, you need to download the app right on your smartphone. Now you know about the app, let’s talk about how to download the apps.

How to Make Facebook Avatar

The Creator apps are not new to anyone, but I will be giving you the guidelines to download because most people are making use of their desktops. The apps are free and simple to download and also compatible with any device type. To download these apps, follow the simple instructions;

  • Open the app store and enter Facebook and search.
  • On the search result, Facebook will be shown and also the Messenger app.
  • Tap on the one you wish to download first to load the information. Then tap on “Install”.

The app will be installed on your device and you can go back to download the one left to get. Note, you can actually make use of one app to create. So, you can decide to download Facebook or Messenger or both. The choice is yours.

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New Facebook Avatar

Now you have the creator apps on your device, the next will be to create your own avatar. Let’s talk about the shortcut or how to load the icon for creating. Facebook avatar is not yet made worldwide, so that means not everyone will be able to make use of it.

And those features are their region now, you need to be using the latest version of Facebook or Messenger on your iOS or Android device. To locate the Avatar shortcut icon on your device, tap on the menu icon at the bottom or top of your page.

For the options that will pop out, tap on “See More”. And if the feature is currently in your location, the “Avatar” icon will be shown, tap on it to load. If it doesn’t show, it means the feature is not yet available in your location. So, let’s move on to how you create your avatar.

Facebook Avatar Creator

In order to create your Facebook Avatar 2021, you need to sign in to your account or simply create a new one. And that brings us to the profile creation ad login. Let’s dive into how to create a Facebook account and also how you can sign in.

How to Sign in to Facebook

To sign in to Facebook, you need to have an account or you can just create one. Well, below are the guidelines to sign in to your account;

  • Open the app or go to Facebook.
  • Then enter your email or number and password.
  • Hit on Login, so the account will be loaded on the device.

Your Facebook profile will be loaded on the device immediately if you’ve provided the right details.

Sign Up for Facebook

If you do not have an account, you can simply create one using the steps below;

  • Open the Facebook app or launch your browser and go to facebook.com
  • Then enter your first name, last name, your date of birth, email, or phone number and indicate your gender.
  • Create a password for the account and tap on Sign Up.

The profile will be created and to complete the process, you have to confirm the email or phone number.

How to Create Facebook Avatar

Like I said earlier, creating your avatar is simple and very fast. Take as much time as you want to personalizing and customizing your Facebook avatar, because it is the digital you. Enough of that, now follow these steps to create or customize your avatar;

Using Facebook;

  • Access the avatar icon and open it.
  • Tap on “Next”, then “Avatar” and select “Get Started”.
  • Start off by selecting the skin color you’d like for the creation.
  • Then go on to customize it as you want, you can actually make good use of the accessories that are provided.
  • Check it once you are pleased with your creation and select “Next”.
  • Then commence your customization, tap on “Done”.


  • Open your Messenger app and tap o a conversation.
  • Then select the stickers option close the text box,
  • From the pop-up, tap on “Make Your Avatar”. Now you can start working on your avatar to the way you want it to look.

As I said, it is a digital you, so take your time to make it as pretty or handsome as it can look.

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