Facebook Ads Business Library – Facebook Ads Manager | Facebook Ads Setup

Facebook Ads Business Library may be a collection where one can look for ads that are active across Facebook products. Using the Facebook ads library, you’ll get more information about the ads you see often.

Facebook Ads Business Library - Facebook Ads Manager | Facebook Ads Setup

Interestingly, the Facebook ads library is often wont to view issues on elections, and politics. And most significantly to ascertain ads that are inactive or that are not any longer active across Facebook products.

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For those that advertise, you’ll learn more about electoral or political issues using ads within the Business Help Center.

Facebook Ads Business Library

Remember that this is often an area where you’ll look for ads that are active and running across Facebook products. However, there are restrictions too on the Facebook ads library.

It has limited circumstances where ads are far away from the ads library. this is often mostly thanks to either valid government requests or community standards violations.

Also, make sure that all Facebook ads must suit the advertising policies of Facebook. within the case of non-compliances, ads could also be displayed within the library but a warning note is going to be attached.

How to Use Facebook Ads Library

As we’ve established earlier, the Facebook ads library are often wont to look for ads that are running on Facebook. within the same vein, you’ll use it to look at all active ads, viewing ads about housing, viewing ads on social, politics, or elections.

Also, you’ll view the Facebook ads library report and use the Facebook ad library API. Below are steps to use and look for all ads on the Facebook ads library;

  • First, attend the Ad Library at https://www.facebook.com/ads/library.
  • Now, make sure you select the proper country. At the proper, top of the ad library page.
  • Then above the search bar, click on the “All ads” option
  • Now, enter what you’re checking out within the search bar
  • Afterward, a menu will display results that are associated with what you’ve got entered
  • Finally, click on the results to ascertain ads.

Also, note that to look for issue’s politics, or elections they will be grouped by Facebook page or by a keyword or phrase. This simply means you’ll look for them by general keyword or phrase.

View Active Facebook Ads

Interestingly, you’ll view all active ads on Facebook that are active and running from any of their pages. such when you’re viewing a page’s active ad, media, (photos and videos) and text that are linked with them are going to be displayed. you’ll see ads filter ads by country, by impressions, using keyword search or platforms.

But, on the ad, you’ll see when the ad started running. Although, you’ll see the Facebook products the ad was running. The icon will appear at the highest of the ad including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network.

Using the Ad Library API

The ad Library API allows for efficient analysis of ads that are associated with social issues, politics, or elections within the ad library. this may give room for more detailed insight into these ads on the platform.

So, if you’re during a country that the Ad Library API is out there, together with your Facebook account you’ll complete the steps to access the API as follows;

  • First, you’ll get to confirm your identity and site at https://facebook.com/id.
  • But if you haven’t already confirmed your ID, it takes 1-2 days to finish this step.
  • Also, you’ll get to create a Facebook Developer account
  • You can visit Facebook for Developers at https://developers.facebook.comand choose the” Get Started” option
  • Then you’ll be required to comply with the platform policy
  • You can add a replacement app. After you’ve got created your account
  • Then attend https://web.facebook.com/ads/library/api/
  • Finally, select “Access the API”

Learn more on the way to access the Ad Library API.

How to Check Out Running Ads on Facebook

To see the ads that are running on Facebook is extremely easy, follow the steps below to urge started.

  • First, on any Facebook page, attend the left-hand menu
  • Then click on the “Info and Ads” link
  • Finally, on the results display, users are going to be ready to see the ad creative and replica of ads that are running in any country

The ads are often flagged by clicking on “Report Ad” if there’s a problem. Also, note that Facebook Ads Library shows within 24 hours from when it starts running.

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