Facebook 2022 Dating Update – Facebook Dating App | Dating in Facebook Is Free

Facebook 2022 Dating Update is on its way with amazing features that might blow your mind. With the way the platform was created, you’d not want to ignore it because the dating platform is full of interesting dating app features and a few other extra key features.

When it involves Facebook, Update isn’t something new meaning the dating update isn’t just getting to be a daily one. Facebook has big plans for the dating platform so just twiddling my thumbs.

Facebook 2022 Dating Update

Before going to a number of the amazing plans for Facebook dating Update 2022, I might be supplying you with some interesting details on what Facebook dating is and the way it works. you’d need this if you’re new to the dating app. This dating app happens to be one of a sort basically because it’s on a social media platform.

Well, the dating platform was created by Facebook to assist users to find an ideal dating match. The dating platform is one of the newest dating apps with a number of the simplest features so you ought to try it out if you’re single.

What is Facebook Dating

well, a lot of people already know what Facebook dating means. Facebook dating is a new feature that Facebook (Meta) introduced as a strategy to lower the number of singles on its network.

About the Facebook 2022 dating update, in order to use it, you must go through the Facebook application. It means you can’t utilize Facebook dating unless you have the Facebook app.

Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is not separate from the normal Facebook app. The Facebook dating app is inside the normal Facebook account. Facebook Dating is a free dating service that’s part of the Facebook app for iPhone and Android.

You can get started by tapping the Dating button in the shortcuts section of the three-line menu on Facebook. Facebook Dating can help you find matches using your interests, Facebook events, and Facebook Groups.

How to Update My Facebook 2022 Dating Profile

If you want to update your dating profile, it is easy to update. during the Dating profile update, there are some things you can’t change, like your name and age.

Keep in mind that changes you make to your Dating profile don’t appear on your main Facebook profile. To update  your Dating profile:

  • Open your web browser and go to your Facebook app.
  • On your Facebook account, click on the three horizontal lines.
  • Scroll down and click on Dating which is symbolized by emoji of love.
  • Click Profile and tapedit
  • Move down and click the category you want to update.
  • Click any item to add or change the information

Your dating location is visible on your profile. You select the information you want to include on your dating profile. For instance, you can choose to share your lifestyle, height, others’ beliefs, and so on.

Top Update Facebook Dating Counties 

Let’s look at the list of countries where the Facebook dating up has gotten to and they include;

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Guyana
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • The Philippines.

Also available in Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the US, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

If you’re not in any of those countries, access Facebook dating, and therefore the interesting update is off-limit. So, until the dating platform is out there in your country you can’t make use of it, or maybe enjoy its amazing benefits.

What Happen When I Delete My Facebook Dating Profile?

A lot of information out that if you delete your Facebook dating profile, you might lose your profile including dating answers like matches and conversations.

The truth is, everything stated above is not recoverable. if you delete your profile, your matches can still see conversations they had with you.

You must wait 7 days if you decide to make a new profile. If you try to create a profile before then, you may see this message LIMIT REACHED.

This message means you can’t create a new dating profile at this time because you have deleted your account in the last 7 days. You can try again later.

Dating on Facebook is Free

Facebook Dating is It is available and free for users who are 18 years upward. It is one of the few completely free dating apps that do not have any paid features or premium upgrades. I know, it seems like there must be a catch, but there isn’t one. 
Facebook users do not need to pay a cent to view profiles, create matches, send messages, and use every dating feature on the app.

Facebook 2022 Dating Update FAQs

To reactivate Facebook dating, simply reinstall the app > link your existing dating profile to your Facebook account.

Is Facebook Dating still a thing?

The truth is, no Facebook Dating app or Facebook Dating site. The Facebook feature is integrated into the Facebook mobile app.
If your Facebook Dating is not showing up, then you probably need to update the Facebook mobile app to the most recent version. It’s possible to turn on automatic updates for iOS devices and Android devices to keep all your apps up to date.

Can you be Catfished on Facebook Dating?

Catfishing is the term used to describe using a fictional online persona to scam someone, often to defraud the target of money. The Better Business Bureau responded to the launch of Facebook Dating by noting that “85% of catfishing scams start on Facebook.”


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