ESP BAS Light – Causes of the ESP BAS Light

What does the ESP BAS Light mean? What do I do what when I see the ESP Bas light on my dashboard? If these questions are running through your mind now, you are in the right place. This article would provide answers to these questions and in addition to this, you would be educated on how to turn off the ESP BAS light. So, keep on reading.



The ESP BAS light stands for Electronic Stability Program or Brake Assist Program Light. Most modern cars are made with high technology sensors which helps to detect if there is any issue in the car. There are a couple of warning lights on the dashboard of a car and the ESP BAS light is included.

The ESP BAS Light goes on the dashboard of your car when there is a braking system failure or a defective stability control system.

Causes of the ESP BAS Light

Having known the meaning of the ESP BAS light, you may be curious to know what causes the ESP BAS warning light to come on on your dashboard. The ESP BAS light comes on when there is a:

Defective Wheel Speed Sensor:

Fastest Cars – Fastest Cars in the World | What Are the Top 5 Fastest CarsOn modern cars, wheel speed sensors are placed on every wheel. These wheel speed sensors work with the ESP BAS light to ensure that the wheels are spinning at the right and equal speed.  When you drive your vehicle on rocky or icy roads, the vehicle may lose traction. This loss of traction would cause to the sensors to have unusual readings causing the ESP BAS light on your dashboard to come on.

Bad Brake Switch:

When you hit the brake pad with your foot, the brake switch on the rear brake lights. This rear brake light is important for notifying the people at your back that you want to slow down or stop the car. Having known the importance of this switch, the ESP BAS light on your dashboard would notify you of the need to change the brake switch.

Wiring Issues:

Generally, there are a lot of wires in your car.  The wires connected to the ABS control sensors could sometimes wear out and get damaged and this triggers the ESP BAS Light. This happens because the wirings to the ABS control sensors are connected to the tyres which have the wheel speed sensors installed in them.

Bad Steering Angle Sensor:

In modern cars, steering wheel sensors are installed in the steering wheel. The work of the steering wheel sensor is to align the movement of the steering wheel with the tyres. A bad steering angle sensor would cause the ESP BAS light to blink on the dashboard.

  • Lastly, a bad rotor, pad or caliper would cause the ESP BAS light to come on.

These are the causes of the ESP BAS light. However, you can confirm the cause of the ESP BAS light by using the hand-held code scanning device attached to the ESP BAS system, if your car has one.

How to Turn Off ESP BAS Light

Driving your car with the warning lights on may not be a good idea. When you notice any light blinking repeatedly on your dashboard, you are advised to park the car and attend to the situation.

When the ESP BAS light goes on on your vehicle, here are some steps to take to turn it off:

  • Sit behind your vehicle’s wheel and turn the steering to the right.
  • Turn the steering again to the left.
  • Bring the steering wheel to the right again until all the wheels are centered.
  • The ESP BAS light would be turned off.

If the ESP BAS light is still on, you would have to fix an appointment with your mechanic to change the brake switch, replace the wheel speed sensor, repair the steering angle sensor or check the wiring.



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