Email Services: Check out the Best Free Email Service Provider

Even with so many social platforms for communications, Email Services are still the best methods to use. With that, it is relevant to look for the email services available and pick out the best one for you. Getting a hold of an email account is easy and free. However, knowing which one is best is more important. That’s why I will be sharing a list of some of the best email services for you to use.

Email Services: Check out the Best Free Email Service Provider

As I mentioned above, creating an email account is very easy and fast to do. All that you need is to better understand each email and know what you need it for. Let’s dive in.

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Email Services

Email Services also are known as webmail, is an online email service provider that enables users to send, receive, and review from their web. These services offer easy access and storage of email messages for the users who are not connected. They most times offer similar features and functionality for managing.

Now, there are lots of email providers that you could come across out there, however, knowing which is best to you is very relevant.

Six Best Free Email Services

As I earlier mentioned, there are plenty of email providers that offer free access and use to individuals. But the question is; which is best to use? Now, let’s find out. The list below is a perfect handpicked list of the Best Email Services or providers with great features;


As you must have known, Gmail is owned by Google. This service allows you to send and receive emails easily. Users can access their accounts using Third-party programs that synchronize your email details. Here are some awesome features with this service;

  • There’s a nudge that allows users to follow up and also respond to messages.
  • Attachments can be viewed without opening the emails and also snooze messages.
  • With your Gmail account, you can join Hangouts to meet, chat, and make calls.
  • It filters spam and adds them to trash immediately.

These are the amazing features about Gmail and you can sign up by clicking on the sub-title.


The outlook is a web-based email service provider that replaces Hotmail. This service is included in the Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and also Office 365. With Outlook you can be productive and also connect yourself both at home and outside. Here are some features;

  • Outlook offers enterprise-grade security.
  • There is an inbuilt calendar that enables users to schedule or manage events and meetings.
  • Contact information is displayed whenever you hover on the name.
  • Very easy to locate and find messages, documents, and also people.

This part of the article talks about outlook features.

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ProtonMail service is an open-source and also a Secured service that is offered by MIT (Scientists) and CERN. It is easy to use with a great end to end encryption. Here are some of the features attached to this service;

  • Personal information is not needed to create an email.
  • Users can access their accounts without the software on any device.
  • Send and receive messages with its end to end encryption.

After hearing so many things about email services and also hearing so much about other email platforms. Here is the one for Protomail.

Zoho Mail

This email service is one of the freest and secure email hosting services that are made for your communication needs. Zoho Mail is fast and clean and there’s protection over fake mails. Below are some features;

  • It allows Admins to change settings and also customize the email from the control panel.
  • Email discovery is easy and fast.
  • You can add comments in threads, manage tasks, tag your team, and also share files.

Zoho mail is one of the best ones to use and it is very free for anyone to create an account and use. That means you don’t have to pay to use it.


This email service is simply an open-source and secured email provider. As a user, you can encrypt your emails on all devices with the app clients and also desktop. Below are some features;

  • Tutanota offers free service with no Ads.
  • There is an encrypted calendar for users’ security reasons.
  • It allows users to send free secured mails to anyone without stress.

Just like the other email services listed in this article, Tutanota is one of the best to sign up for and use. It has lots of features to offer, that you can discover once you create an account using the Tutanota page.

Yahoo Mail

It is an email service that is provided by American Parent Company; Yahoo. Yahoo Mail offers a very simple sign up process and offers an inbox with massive storage. These are some of the features on the service;

  • You can customize your inbox by selecting themes of your choice.
  • Individuals can search mails with the date, contact, or keyword.
  • Animated GIFs are allowed.

Yahoo mail is no doubt of the most popular and most used email service in the world and it has served a long-time course for all. It is being used worldwide and creating an email account is free.

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