Easter Activities for Children – Make Do it Yourself (DIY) Easter Decorations

Easter is around the corner and you may be thinking of some Easter activities for your children to make this season fun for them. If so, you are reading the right article. Besides going on outings with your children, there are some indoor activities you can setup for your children during Easter. This is where the Easter activities for children comes in.

Easter Activities for Children
Easter Activities for Children

Easter Activities for Children

Easter is a festival celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians all around the globe. The origin of this celebration can be traced to the story told in the new-testament about the crucifixion of Jesus. The Easter Sunday also known as the Resurrection Sunday marks the day Jesus was raised from the dead.

There are so many activities you can set up for children during Easter. To help you enjoy Easter with your children, a list of activities( games and Crafts) has been compiled for you, you could go through this list to get some ideas of Easter activities for children.

Easter egg Hunt:

There is definitely no Easter without an Easter Egg hunt, children love this game. You may have wondered “what is the history of Easter Egg hunt?”. The history of the Easter egg hunt game can be traced to Germany in the 16th century when Martin Luther organized the game for his audience. The game involved the women and children going about to hunt for the Easter eggs hidden by the men. This game illustrates the story of how the women in the new-testament went in search of Jesus the day he was resurrected when they couldn’t find Him in the tomb.

You can set up the Easter Egg hunt game for children and even adults in your home by hiding the Easter eggs at strategic places and asking your children to hunt for the eggs and place them in baskets

Easter Egg Painting:

Children are naturally creative and painting Easter eggs would be so much fun for them and also keep them occupied. Your children could paint hard boiled eggs with Water colors and also acrylic paints. To keep your children busy all through the period of Easter, you should get them an Easter Egg painting Kit and you would be surprised at the Easter egg painting ideas they would come up with. You can also come up with Easter Egg Painting ideas for your children to make painting fun.

Read Easter Books:

Reading Easter books is not only fun but also an educational activity. Reading Easter books would put your children in the spirit of the festival and also give them an awareness of what the festival is all about. You can get some best selling Easter books on www.Amazon.com.

Make Do it Yourself (DIY) Easter Decorations:

As it was stated earlier in this article, children are very creative. You could get some materials for your children to make Easter decorations. Teaching your children new Easter decoration ideas and also placing them at different places in the home with your children is one of the ways to keep you busy.

Play Easter Bingo:

This card game is also fun. You could print some cards decorated with Easter designs and hand them to your kids to play. You could also attach a little prize for the winner to make it more exciting. This is a great Easter activity for children.

Plant New Flowers:

Since the season of Easter is associated with fertility and birth. Planting new flowers could be a great idea for your children. You could explore nature with your children by carrying out this Easter Craft.

Make Easter Meals Together:

Since every celebration and festival is associated with a special meal, making that special Easter meal with your children is an amazing idea. You could also try out new Easter Recipe with your Children.

The advantage of these activities is that they are applicable to younger Children, Older Children and even adults. VWith these Easter Games and Crafts, the season of Easter would be a memoriable one for you and your loved ones.



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