Delete Facebook Page – How to Delete Facebook Page | Delete My Facebook Page

Delete Facebook Page has got to do with taking down your page from this social platform. There are reasons why you would possibly be brooding about deleting your Facebook page. You delete Facebook pages both on a computer and within the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Delete Facebook Page - How to Delete Facebook Page | Delete My Facebook Page

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Delete Facebook Page

Running a Facebook page is often an excellent thanks to promoting our business and connect with fans but with more engagement privately Facebook groups. With a few pretty big changes happening to your Facebook news feed, it’s becoming tons harder to successfully run a Facebook page. Once you click, you have 14 days to revive it just in case you modify your mind.

Facebook may be a very interesting place to pass out business information and do some other things, but if you think that that it’s time to shut down your Facebook page. One might find it completely strange when other users of the Facebook page say they need to delete their page on the platform. Deleting your Facebook page will wipe out all of your information on the Facebook platform completely.

Facebook Page

Facebook is split into categories, which are personal timelines want to connect with friends and family and business pages are wont to advertise a business and connect with customers. For many Facebook users, their business pages are extensions of their pages, which permit users to use only one email and password to manage both pages.

Once you do not need a Facebook business page, you can delete just the page while leaving your profile intact. Deleting Facebook pages wasn’t possible, but if these have changed. It’s now easy for you to delete your account if you’re so uninterested in the social media page.

You can require an opportunity from your page. you’ll delete the page may be a permanent process of closing down your page on this social platform. If you’ve got chosen to delete your page by using the delete option, then you only need to stay these articles.

How to Delete Facebook Page on Mobile

Deleting a page is permanent; you’ll not receive an email notification from Facebook confirming your deletion. These two means of deleting the Facebook page through your mobile or web. Below is how you’ll Delete Facebook Page together with your Mobile Phone:

  • Open the Facebook app and log in to your account.
  • Input your personal Facebook user name to sign up.
  • Click on the Facebook menu button at the highest right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Go to your Facebook pages.
  • Click on the Facebook page you would like to delete.
  • Tap on edit page options then select settings.
  • Select ‘General’.
  • Go to the remove page section.
  • Locate the “Remove Page”.
  • At the rock bottom of the section, you’ll see an issue in blue, asking, “Delete Your Page Name” click on the blue words that are customized to your Facebook name.
  • A pop-up menu will appear, alongside the notification that you simply only have 14 days to revive deleted pages.
  • To permanently delete your page, click on “Delete Page”.

Here are the steps to delete your Facebook page on your mobile, you can as well delete it on your web browser version of Facebook.

How to Delete Facebook Page on Web

It is also possible for you to delete this business page using the online version of this social platform. Let’s check the steps below.

  • Sign in to the Facebook web version on
  • Go to your Facebook pages.
  • Click on the page you would like to delete.
  • You have to tap on the page name.
  • Click on settings.
  • You have to click on “Edit” within the row that says “Remove Page”.
  • A notification will appear, on your screen.
  • Click on “Delete Your Page Name” click on the delete page.
  • A pop-up menu will appear asking if you would like to delete the page click on the “delete page” to continue.
  • Another pop-up window will confirm the page has been deleted. Click on ‘OK’ to continue.

Following each of the steps above, you’ll take down your business page from this platform.

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