Dating on Facebook 2021 – Facebook Dating | How to Access Facebook Dating

Have you consider using the Facebook platform as a dating site before the introduction of the dating feature. Right here and now, we are talking about Dating on Facebook 2021. How can you date on Facebook in 2021, do you know that the feature has been so helpful to people in search of relationships most especially the platform users.

Dating on Facebook 2021 - Facebook Dating | How to Access Facebook Dating

On Facebook, there are so many single people seeking to find a love partner to start up a relationship with online. One good thing about this Facebook dating feature is that you are only matched with people who are living close to you or that are of the same country as you.

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Dating on Facebook 2021

Since the day this feature was launched into the platform, it has been the best feature that was released on the site. This new update was made known to the platform by Facebook itself to help its users with dating activities.

There is something I love in this new update of the dating feature, which is that you are not requested payment for you or anyone to access it. And since then, it has only been available to some countries, the reason why it has not gotten to other places is that it is still under testing.

Facebook Dating

I know some years later, it will be brought to other places and everyone can use it on their accounts. Of which there are terms and conditions in other for you to use the dating feature on Facebook. Talking of the terms and conditions, that is what we are going to be talking about now.

Facebook Dating Terms and Conditions

Just like I have said that is not all the countries the dating service is available in and that it is only 20 countries have started using the feature as at present. This is also letting you know that even though you have a registered Facebook account you may not have the chance to use or access the dating feature on the site.

For those in the supported region or countries, for you to access it you need to register for a Facebook account and also a dating profile. Creating this dating profile, you are qualified to access the dating section on the Facebook platform. if you are here and you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create one by visiting

Facebook Dating App

Speaking of the dating app is the dating feature that we have been talking about and it is in-built on Facebook. The app is free, through the dating app on the platform, you can access the dating section and there also, you can create your dating profile.

This app here cannot be downloaded no matter what you do or what happens. For those using the Facebook mobile, for you to access the dating app on the app and the only app you can download is the Facebook official app.

How to Access Facebook Dating

Facebook dating can be accessed on your Facebook account page. The dating icon (love shape) is located close to the groups and watch icons. Or if you do not find it there you can go to the menu page and access it from there.

Instead, you can go to For easy access and you can start by clicking the “Get Started” to proceed to the dating profile set up page.

Know that this feature is only meant for those who are 18+ of age. Visiting the dating website of Facebook, and clicking the link to get started. You will be notified if the dating feature is available in your country or not.

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