Dating is Free on Facebook – Facebook Dating Is Free | Facebook Dating Site

Facebook is a worldwide platform when it comes to online communication media. This platform has expanded to the aspect of introducing a dating feature. What we are to discuss is the dating feature and the topic is Dating Is Free on Facebook.

Dating is Free on Facebook - Facebook Dating Site | Facebook Dating Is Free

How come Facebook made this dating feature t free when they know very much well that other online dating platforms are paid platform.

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That you can’t access or make use of them fully without making a monthly plan subscription on it. But what I want us to know is that Facebook is not like that, the service is free and open to every user on the platform.

Dating Is Free on Facebook

When I mean it is free for everyone, it is but only to those who are of the age 18 and above. This is to tell you if you are below the age of 18, you can’t access or get to the dating section on Facebook. There is no dating platform out there that you can use for free, all are paid dating sites.

With the help of this new dating feature on Facebook, a lot of single people and users have gotten into a relationship. The only problem with this feature is that not all countries have it, only some countries do have the feature.

There are about 20 countries that the Facebook dating feature has gotten to but I think development is still on bringing it to other countries.

Facebook Dating Site

The Facebook dating site is the website for the Facebook platform, it is known as the normal website that you know of. The site here is talking about platform URL which is If you are thinking of activating the dating feature on your Facebook account.

You need a dating profile as well as a Facebook account for those that do not have an account on the platform. But if you do, you only need to set up a dating profile and that is all.

Facebook Dating App

I will love to explain more of this part to you guys, for I have seen so many people misinterpreting what the Facebook dating app is all about. The dating app here is not that you can download or use separately on your device.

This dating app on Facebook is known as an in-built app, and no one can download it and it is not found on any app store apps.

Do not get yourself confused whenever you come across such a title on the internet. Whenever you come across it, you should know that it is talking about the in-built dating app on Facebook. But there is an app that you can download to access the dating feature and that is;

Facebook Dating App Free Download

Just as said before coming down to this part, that there is an app that you can download to access the dating app on the Facebook platform. What do you think that app will look like, an app that can help access dating on Facebook without visiting the FB website or what?

This app is not any other app but the Facebook mobile app, you can download this app to other to access the dating app on Facebook for the feature is both available on the app and the website.

For you to get this app, you just have to visit your app store and make search “Facebook” and click to download. But if you have the app before, you just have to update it also by visiting your app store.

Facebook Dating

All that we have been saying about this article is a review of what the dating feature is and also how you can set up your dating profile in it. That part is where we are moved into now, to cut the story short let talk about how you can get a dating profile on Facebook.

  • To get this profile, visit the platform
  • Next is to log in to your account, and proceed to your profile. Right there, click the dating icon at the top of your profile to start up with the dating profile.
  • Attend to all the information on the dating profile set up the page and when you are done, click the button below.

Following all these steps up here, you are good to use the feature on your account.

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