Dating in Facebook App Download Is Free – Facebook Dating | Facebook Free Dating Site

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Dating in Facebook App Download Is Free - Facebook Dating | Facebook Free Dating Site

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Dating in Facebook App Download Is Free

What I want to say to you guys is that there is no new update about the dating feature yet but the way others use it in searching for the dating feature, will also help you understand some terms about it.

You guys will agree with me that, there are so many dating apps out there that give you the option to create an account through Facebook. Now that Facebook has a dating app of its own, so I don’t think you must create an account on all those other dating apps with your Facebook account.

This feature was launched int the platform some years back and a lot of people are already using it. People from a different country and you may find out that you can’t access the dating feature.

Facebook Dating

The reason you can access or see the dating notification bar on your Facebook account is that the dating is not yet available to all countries. You can opt into the dating app on your existing Facebook account on your Android and iOS mobile phones and as well through their website too.

Facebook Free Dating Site

We are embarking on a subtitle that talks about the dating site of Facebook. What do you think is the dating site of Facebook, to some of us? We will be thinking that it is another website made by the platform just for dating purposes.

If your thought is what has just been explained up there, then you are wrong because the dating site is the official website of Facebook. That is the dating site this article is talking about; you can also call the dating feature inside the platform a dating site.

For it requires a separate account to access it, that does not mean you should go and create a new Facebook account. With your previous Facebook account, you can access the dating feature but you need to set up a dating profile.

That is when creating a dating profile comes in, remember you need your main account to access the dating app or site feature on Facebook.

Facebook Dating Profile Is Free

If you are looking for a way you can access the dating app on Facebook, here is where you will see the steps on how you can find the dating section and how you can also set up your account. following the instructions below will direct you on how you can go about it.

  • Visit the Facebook website at on your web browser and log into your account.
  • Next is to access your profile photo page.
  • On your profile page, there you find the dating icon as a love symbol, click on it and wait while it loads.
  • Clicking on the love icon will direct you to the dating profile account setup requirements where you need to fill in your details. Details like your first and last name, date of birth, location or country, self-interest, your gender, and so on.
  • When you are done filling all the boxes with their requirements, you can click the link below the boxes “Set Up” or “Create” whatever link you find there to complete your dating profile.

Following all that is explained up here, you can easily make your dating profile and start searching for singles to hookup with. Do remember, if you can’t see or find the dating feature on your account, know that the dating app is not yet available to your location or country.

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