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Life without friends can be a bit boring. There isn’t any lonelier feeling than realizing you got no girl gang of your own. That is where the Dating App for Friends comes in. Internet and smartphones have made life a bit easier and fun with applications. There are lots of apps for finding or making new friends out there. Most times people feel like not having lots of friends is you’re your fault. Well, that’s a lie. Most times, it simply because life is changing every day. Maybe the friends you had, have moved out to some other cities or into relationships. Or it could be that you cut out some fake friends which are toxic and that’s good for your health.

Dating App for Friends - Online Dating Apps | Best Free Online Dating Sites

Dating App for Friends

Do you ever worry about not having enough friends? Well, the dating app for friends is here to help you help. Life changes, so there are millions of reasons to cut out some friends and make new ones. Most times you might feel too shy to talk to someone or approach them whenever you see them. Well, there’s hope, as there are lots of ways to connect with new individuals online and make friends.

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Dating App for making friends

In this article I will be giving some apps you can download to make new friends. Whether you’re searching for a new circle of friends or want to expand you have, here are some apps to use;


Facebook is actually one of the biggest, if not the biggest social platform for connecting, communicating, and sharing with friends and loved ones. The platforms allow you to make new friends from any location. You can get to meet new people in groups or through random friends that will be suggested to you. Facebook is not just a platform for making friends, but can also be used for finding love. With Facebook Dating, you can meet your significant other for free. Dating on Facebook is new, but actually great and promising and by far, done great due to lots of recommendations it has been getting.


Most times, being the new face in a block or neighborhood is not easy. This app has been tested by GH Media & Tech Lab. This is a private social app for your block and it is great for tapping your neighborships for recommendations. Nextdoor is a location-based app where you can make new friends around the block and create a new squad. The app is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android. Download for free today.

Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF was created by Bumble. This BFF service aims to help individuals find friends in the same way. All you need to do is to set up a profile with pictures with a blurb. Then browse through other profiles of users. Swipe right for like or if you want to connect and left for a pass. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can download the Bumble app for free from your phone App Store.

Hey! Vina

Well, this app is dubbed as Tinder for Girl Friends. Hey! Vina is created to let you swipe the right to make new friends or join communities. There are communities of individuals who share the same interests as you. On the app, you can take a quiz and also read articles. The app was created to empower women who like to travel or who just moved to a new city. You can get the app any device including iOS and Android. Free on your smartphone App store for free.


Peanut is a great app for moms to find other moms. It was founded by Michelle Kennedy. So, for new mothers, who need someone that understands them, then check out this app. The app is compatible with any device including iOS and Android.


This app is created with athletes in mind. So, if you’re searching for a marathon or any sport buddies, search no further. The app is about helping you find people based on your favorite sports. You can plan or host events and meet up with friends. The app is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android. You can install the application for free from your App store.

Meet Up

Meet Up is another great place to head to if you are looking forward to making new friends or maybe moved into a new city. With this app, you can join running clubs, become a member of an open mic and writer clubs, or join a club that meets up often. There are lots of clubs you can choose to join the app. And meet is free and simple with a nice user interface that is easy to understand and use. Users can choose their city and interest to find meetups that are taking place near you.

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