Common Health Benefits and Nutrition –  Fruits and Vegetable Benefits

Do want to know some of the good Common Health Benefits and Nutrition? All you need to do is keep reading. You should be aware that what you eat has a significant impact on your health. Thus, you should be mindful of what you eat. If you are interested in how your nutrition affects your health, you are reading the right article. In this article, you would be educated on what Nutrition is all about and some common health benefits of what you should include in your diet.

Common Health Benefits and Nutrition
Common Health Benefits and Nutrition

Nutrition is all about the intake of a well-balanced diet. You get the energy and nutrients you need from food and drinks. It would be easier for you to make healthier eating choices when you understand the concept of nutrition, this is where the knowledge of the health benefits of food comes in.

Common Health Benefits and Nutrition

In this article, some fruits and vegetables would be examined so you would have an awareness of their benefits and probably, include them in your diet.

Fruits and Vegetables

When you think of a diet that contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients, fruits and vegetables are always included. Some common fruits and vegetables include; Carrots, berries, broccoli, spinach, Banana, Apple Avocado, etc.

What is the Difference Between Fruits and Vegetables?

This question could be on your mind right now. Fruit is simply the edible part of a plant that develops from the flowering part. A fruit usually contains a seed. On the other hand, a vegetable is an edible part of a plant such as a leaf, stem, roots, etc. Having cleared this confusion, you should keep on reading to have a knowledge of healthy fruits and vegetables you should include in your diet.

 Fruits and Vegetable Benefits

Regular eating of Fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of individuals seeing a doctor. A diet containing a high percentage of fruits and vegetables can lower blood pressure, lessen the risk of heart disease and stroke, reduce the risk of eye issues, and indigestion, and also create a positive effect on blood sugar. Here are some fruits and vegetables you should include in your diet:

  • Apples: Apples are rich in fiber and Vitamin C. You need fiber for a healthy heart and regular bowel movement. Vitamin C is essential for better immunity and healthy bones, teeth, skin, and joints.
  • Bananas: Banana is known for containing a high percentage of Potassium. It also contains little percentages of the Vitamins; B6 and C. The common health benefit of Banana is that it aids in improving blood sugar levels and the digestive health of the body.
  • Avocado: Though the Avocado fruit contains a low level of sugar, it is rich in healthy fats. They also contain fiber, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, potassium, and carotenoids. Due to the presence of carotene in Avocado, it is known for improving eye health. Avocados when consumed reduces cholesterol levels and help in weight management. These are just a few of the common health benefits of Avocado.
  • Mango: You should also include mangoes in your diet. Mangoes are rich in folates, fibers, potassium and the vitamins; A, C, B6 and K. These vitamins are good for the skin and overall immunity. Mango also contains antioxidants which may protect the body from cancer, this is another health benefit.
  • Spinach: when next you go shopping, you should include spinach in your list. This green leafy vegetable is a source of vitamins, iron, calcium and antioxidant. Including spinach in your diet improves your bone and teeth health due to its vitamin K content. Spinach contains iron which improves blood health. You can include spinach in your diet by eating it raw, in salads or with pasta.
  • Carrots: If you want a good nutrition for your eyes, carrot should be an option. Carrots are not only sweet but contains carotene which helps the eye and skin health.
  • Broccoli: when next you are making a vegetable salad, you should include broccoli. Broccoli contains a high level of calories which boost energy levels. You also get a substantial amount of vitamin K from eating broccoli.

You would never get all the Vitamins and nutrients from a single fruit or vegetable. Hence, you are advised to eat a lot of them daily. Do you forget to add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet? Here are some tips that would help you:

  • Keep a fruit bowl where you can see it: You should replace your bowl of candies with a bowl of healthy fruits and place it where you can see it. With this, you would always remember to eat fruits every day.
  • Be creative with your cooking: one reason why you don’t like eating fruits and vegetables may be because you think it’s a “boring” diet, this is not true. Variety and color are always key in a healthy diet. You can try a new recipe with different colors of vegetables and still come out with a healthy meal.

With this habit, you would develop the habit of eating fruits and vegetables every day. It is also essential for you to drink lots of water.



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