Codedwap – Download Free Music, News and Nollywood, Ghallywood Movies from Codedwap

I know that not everyone knows about Codedwap and it may seem strange to most of us reading through the article right now. Codedwap is a movie download website just like other movie websites like Netnaija, toxicwap, wapquick, zonkewap, wapwon, and some other websites that you may know of. Just like all these sites that I have mentioned here, they are all sites for downloading movies.

Codedwap - Download Free Music, News and Nollywood, Ghallywood Movies from Codedwap

Codedwap is a Nigeria movie download like the one of netnaija, you know you can download Nollywood, Hollywood, and even Bollywood movies on Netnaija. But when it comes to codedwap it bases mainly on Nollywood, Yoruba, and Ghallywood movies. For more information, you just have to keep on reading through the article you see here.

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Like I have said so far, codedwap is a movie download website for Nollywood, Yoruba, and Ghallywood movies. There is no possible way for you or anyone to download Hollywood or Bollywood movies from this particular website. Apart from movies, there are other files you can get or access on the site, we have things like News, education, music, and even sports.

Codedwap Website

This is a website full-on amazing Nollywood and Ghallywood movies. If you may know, this site has a URL that can be used in other to visit the website. You all know that without knowing a site URL, you won’t be able to access a site that is what I want to tell you guys about now. The website URL of codedwap is as the site URL link when you access this link. It will take you straight to their website straight off. Quickly, I want us to see more about codedwap starting with music.

Codedwap Music

When it comes to downloading music, this is the right article for you. This site has all kinds of songs and they are downloadable and also free to access the website. Accessing this platform, you are not required to register for an account and is virus-free. There are lots of music categories on this site of codedwap. Which we have; Album, Naija/Africa Jamz, gospel, int’l hip hop, fresh talent, lyrics, mixtapes, and also instrumentals. To download music from this site is easy, let quickly go into that part because it is the most important thing in this article.

How to Download Music

The following steps are the guidelines on how you can download music on this site.

  • Firstly, access your web browser on your device mobile or system and visit on it.
  • The link will take you straight to their homepage where you will find all the categories on the site. Click the music drop option at the top of the homepage and select the sub-category you want to download from under the music drop-down.
  • When you get to the other page, you will be given all kinds of Nigerian songs. You just have to look for the particular one you want to download. Or by searching for the name of the song with the help of the search tool at the top right corner.
  • Click on the song and scroll down and click on the download link “Download music here’.

Wait as the music starts downloading and after the download process is complete, the song will be saved into your download folder in your device.

Codedwap Movies

Over to movies, like I said that you can only get Nollywood, Yoruba, and Ghallywood movies on codedwap website. You can find the movie category when you click on the “Videos” option. It is very easy to download from the video option or category, using the first direction I have given above, you will be able to download movies or any other files under the video category.

Free Movie Download

You can download movies on codedwap with these easy steps and I assure you won’t find it difficult. Here we go;

  • Visit the website which we already know the URL on your web browser chrome or any other web browser on your device.
  • Go straight to “Videos” by clicking on it.
  • Then make your selection “Yoruba, comedy videos, BHS/Trailers, Nollywood, or Ghallywood” movies.
  • After clicking on the sub-category, move down the page to make your choice of movie.
  • Click on the movie and now scroll down the next page and click the movie to stream it online.

You can’t download movies from codedwap directly, but there is a way you can download it from it. You can make use of third-parties website like, is one of the third-party websites you can use. Right-click if you are using a system and click “copy video URL”. But if you are using a mobile device, click on the play and copy the video URL. After copying the URL of the video, visit and paste the URL there. Click the download button and wait.

Codedwap News

When it comes to news, there are lots of amazing categories of news on the site that you can read. Without much explanation, codedwap has groups of news which are entertainment, crime news, politics, celebrity’s news, hall of fame, and also news on lifestyle. This is all the news you can get also sport videos and updates on education.

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