Climate Condition in Nigeria – How Many Climates Do We Have In Nigeria

This article today is about the Climate Condition in Nigeria. It’s a known fact that Nigeria is the most populated country on the entire African continent. And it has a lot to offer tourists who are interested in exploring everything from posh cities to untouched natural environments.

Climate Condition in Nigeria - How Many Climates Do We Have In Nigeria

However, in such a large country, the climate can vary widely from one city to another. So before traveling to Nigeria, prepare for the weather based on where and when you’ll be visiting. Nigeria is considered to have a tropical climate overall, but within that are many diverse physical regions of the country.

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Climate Condition in Nigeria

For instance, the southern coast is home to mangrove forests, swamps and hot and humid temperatures that cause extremely wet conditions, especially along the Niger Delta. Traveling inland, you’ll see where the Niger and Benue river valleys meet, which makes up the country’s largest and most expansive area.

Climate Condition

The inland area is mostly savanna, divided into three zones. These areas can experience a lot of rainfall, but the driest area is in the Sahel savanna in the northeast.

To really experience the countryside, visit Cross River National Park or Yankari National Park, where you can see primate sanctuaries, explore forested hiking trails and swim in hot springs.

Ultimately, Nigeria has consistent temperatures year-round, but there are also two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. Both seasons have pros and cons, and understanding these climates can help determine the best time to plan your trip.

How Many Climates Do We Have In Nigeria?

Nigeria has a tropical climate with variable rainy and dry seasons, depending on location. A savanna climate, with marked wet and dry seasons, prevails in the north and west, while a steppe climate with little precipitation is found in the far north.

According to the bioclimatic analysis of this research, Nigeria can be divided into five different climatic regions, such as hot-dry, hot-humid, temperate-dry, temperate-humid, and temperate-dry with a cool climate.

Nigeria Weather Seasons

So we are discussing about the Nigeria weather seasons in this article. I guess you are itching to know about the Nigeria climate. The Nigerian climate varies greatly depending on the region. Therefore, there are two major seasons, the rainy season and dry season.

The dry season in Nigeria is the most pleasant (from November to March) and especially in November and December. At this time on the coast (Lagos, Calabar) is still very hot, even at night. But the humidity is less compared to the rest of the year. The sky in the mornings is often covered with a haze of fog.

Moving to the north, the climate becomes drier and in the center of the country the days are sunnier, and the nights are colder (Jos). There is almost no rain in the north, and the day is hot, while the nights are even cold (Kano, Maiduguri).

Highest Temperature in Nigeria

The hottest Temperature ever recorded in Nigeria was in March-April 1995 where temperature rose to 55 degrees Centigrade in the North-Eastern Part of the Country; specifically Borno State.

Does Nigeria Have 4 Seasons?

Yes Nigeria is said to have four seasons, but some people still argues its five seasons. The weather and climate of Nigeria can be a lot for even the locals to handle. The four seasons are listed below;

  • The Wet Season; this is a season that is often characterized by rainfall.
  • The Dry Season; this season is accompanied by lots of hot sunny days.
  • The Short Dry Season
  • The Harmattan Season; this season is often characterized by dry and dusty northeasterly trade wind.

To be as comfortable as possible during your trip, pack loose clothing that will keep you cool but also provide protection from the sun, swimwear, sunscreen with a high SPF and rain gear just in case.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, and be on the lookout for weather warnings. You can get more details on the Nigeria weather condition by simply visiting this link.

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