Chrome Web Store Themes – Chrome Themes | Google Chrome Themes

Not long ago I posted an article that talks about the chrome web store but today we are to discuss Chrome Web Store themes. The question still comes up again, do you think there are themes in the chrome web store or can they be downloaded. This question is not just for one person but for every one of us.

Chrome Web Store Themes - Chrome Themes | Google Chrome Themes

What we are about to talk about now is something most people already knew about before this very write-up you are seeing here today. Most people that will easily understand what the title talks about are those who are already using desktop computers.

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Chrome Web Store Themes

In continuation of the above writeup is that this feature is not available to those using mobile smartphones. It is only available to people using computers or Windows system. The work of the theme is just to help make your chrome web browser homepage to be attractive when you open the browser.

Before now, you can use an image from your computer as your chrome browser wallpaper but now that you can get themes from their web store. Why not try that out and see how the chrome themes look like on your chrome browser.

Chrome Themes

You know themes are not just one but many, coming down to the chrome themes. It tells you that chrome has a lot of themes of different types inside its web store and they are free to use. The chrome themes are classified into different categories which we will be listing out some of them for you to see.

Google Chrome Themes

This part is added to the article to tell us about the category of themes you can add to your chrome browser from the web store. Looking at the list below, our the list of the categories on themes.

  • The one that has been published by chrome.
  • Dark and black themes.
  • Space exploration themes.
  • Minimalist themes.
  • Enchanting places.
  • Superhero sketches.
  • A splash of color.
  • Into the forest.
  • Pretty patterns.
  • Cool rides.
  • Something blue.
  • Let the sunshine in.
  • Chrome in full bloom.
  • Megalopolis.
  • Zodiac animals.
  • Zodiac animals.
  • Cats of chrome.
  • Amazing H2O.

These are a list of some list of the themes categories on the chrome web store.

How to Access the Chrome Web Store

To find your way into the chrome web store is easy. You just have to visit the web store URL using your chrome browser as well. The steps below will take you there.

This is the way which you can access the web store on chrome and now, let talk about how you can add these themes to your browser.

How to Add Themes to Chrome Browser

Am not going to be putting the process in a list of steps but explaining it as a paragraph. Now that you know how to access the web store, we are to talk about how you can add these themes to your chrome browser.

To do that, simply go to the web store and choose the theme you want to add or use as your chrome browser background. Click on it and click on “Add to Chrome” and wait for some time for the theme to be added and that’s all.

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