Chrome Web Store – Google Chrome Web Store | Chrome Extensions

I don’t think this is something that may be new to some of us anymore because some of us are using the chrome browser mostly on computers. If I should ask now what is Chrome Web Store all about, I believe not everyone will be able to give the right answer to it.

Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome Web Store | Chrome Extensions

But still, we are going to be talking about it for the benefit of those that do not know about it. Before I go into the article mainly, I will like to huge us all to keep up reading this post mostly if you are seeing this for the first time. There shouldn’t be any reason to negate the article, for we will get so much from it.

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Chrome Web Store

Still talking on the topic, what you have just seen now is the introduction to prepare our mind against what we are looking into. What the topic is trying to explain to us is all about the web store which is available inside the chrome browser.

Just as said, that the chrome store is a customized and personalized chrome right on your computer with extensions, themes, and apps features. If only you can power up your chrome, you will be able to add extensions, themes, and so on to make your chrome browser to be attractive and beautiful.

Google Chrome Web Store

The google chrome store is also the same as what has just been reviewed to you not long ago. It is trying to tell you that the chrome browser is a product of Google. Having it at the back of your mind, you will understand what this article is all about.

A web store is a place where you can get all kinds of extensions and apps just like your smartphone app stores. I want us to talk about each of the things inside the chrome web store one after the other. We are, to begin with, that of the themes.

Chrome Themes

The themes are free downloadable items on the web-store. It is used in other to help make your chrome browser homepage look beautiful whenever you open the browser on your desktop computer. This feature can only be used if only you are using the chrome browser on your computer and not on smartphones.

To get these themes, you have to access the web store and there you will see the extensions and the themes options. But before telling you guys how you can access the chrome web store, we must first talk about every stuff on the store. Now that we have finished talking about the themes, it is now time to talk about apps.

Chrome Apps

Just as the themes, that is how the chrome app is also. Is not that you can download the app but the app can be played right inside the web store. You can just go there and search for any game you want to play, there you will find the list of so many games just click on the one to play and that is it. As for me, I have tried it out before and it is very lovely.

Chrome Extensions

Just as said, that there are so many extensions in here. The extensions here can only be added to your chrome browser for easy access. You can get extensions from the web store by going there to choose the one you want to add to your chrome browser and you are done. Now, let talk about how you can access the chrome web store.

How to Access the Chrome Web Store

To access the web store on chrome is easy all you need is to steps and to follow it that’s all.

  • Firstly, go to your chrome browser and type in, and wait for the web store to open.
  • After which you will land on the web-store page, then you can search for anything on it.

Now that you know how to access the web store.

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