Chrome OS 96 – Google Rolls Out Chrome OS 96 With Upgrades

Chrome OS with its latest version @ 96 is designed to perform all your tasks via the internet and store it in the cloud. You no longer have to install demanding software, because you can use Google’s web apps, which can be found on your desktop or in your task bar.

Chrome OS 96

Chrome OS works on laptops designed specifically for this system: Chromebooks. Because of the less demanding apps and the online aspect, the Chrome OS operating system is fast and uses little of the battery life.

Chrome OS 96

A big advantage of Chrome OS is that it’s super simple to use. Although it has a desktop environment similar to the one you get on a Windows machine, Chrome OS is mostly a web browser at its core.

You can use Chrome to watch videos, scroll through Facebook and other social networks, and do everything else you can do in a browser on rival operating systems like Windows and macOS.

Chrome OS

Like Android phones, most Chrome OS devices released in or after 2017 have access to the Google Play Store. This means that most of the apps you can download and run on your Android phone are also available on Chrome OS.

However, keep in mind that not all of these apps are optimized for Chrome OS. You can use these in phone screen format, which takes up just a portion of the screen on a Chromebook.

The simplicity of Chrome OS also has a major drawback. Unlike on Windows and macOS devices, you can’t download and run AAA games or use desktop programs like Adobe Premiere Plus, for example. You can only run programs and games that are in the Play Store or available for Linux. This is why Chromebooks aren’t for everyone.

Chrome OS 96 Review

Chrome OS offers an inexpensive way to browse the web and run web apps and some Android apps. It also integrates well with Android phones. But its two separate apps stores both have drawbacks, and app functionality is inconsistent.

Chrome OS is Google’s cloud-connected desktop operating system. Still, for the right users, Chrome OS is a strong choice. Chrome OS has gotten more touch support since our last review update, though it still doesn’t deliver an ideal tablet experience.

Chromebooks aren’t perfect and they’re not for everybody. As well-designed and well-made as the new Chromebooks are, they still don’t have the fit and finish of the MacBook Pro line. They’re not as capable as full-blown PCs at some tasks, especially processor- and graphics-intensive tasks.

Features of Chrome OS 96

  • Task Manager for Websites; this will give you an idea about how much physical memory is consumed by different websites and if any particular page is causing your system to crawl, you can do an “end process” to close that tab directly from Task Manager.
  • Visual Browser History; this is a feature Chrome borrowed from Google Desktop / Google Web History. Type Ctrl+H to open your browser history and search for a term.
  • You can search your favorite websites from the address bar.
  • You get to see memory used by different browsers.
  • You can also reopen website tabs that you closed by mistake.
  • You can launch websites from the start menu / quick launch bar.

The above are some of the features you are entitled to, when using the Chrome OS 96.

Is Google OS Free

Like Chrome the browser, Chrome-the-OS has a freely available open-source sibling, called Chromium OS. If you like coding and developing, this is likely going to be your best bet for exploring what makes Chrome OS tick.

As you may have heard, the brand new Chromebooks running Chrome OS are being rolled out by Google this week. You can download the open-source version, called Chromium OS, for free and boot it up on your computer.

How Do I Update My Old Chrome OS

  • To update your old chrome OS follow the steps below;
  • At the bottom of the left panel, select About Chrome OS.
  • Under “Google Chrome OS,” you’ll find which version of the Chrome operating system your Chromebook uses.
  • Select Check for updates.
  • If your Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically.

Chrome OS is a useful solution if you work online often and need less demanding programs for your daily tasks. You can log in with your Google account, which gives you access to all apps from the Chrome Web Store. In addition, a Chromebook is fast, easy to take with you thanks to its compact size, and the battery lasts a long time.

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