Cerebelly Baby Food – Is Cerebelly Baby Food a Good Brand?

Cerebelly Baby Food is food that has all the baby food nutrients that the early child’s brain requires for full development. Cerebelly Baby Food is developed by Canadian neurosurgeon Teresa Purzner a Ph.D. holder in developmental neurobiology from Stanford University.

Cerebelly Baby Food
Cerebelly Baby Food

Cerebelly Baby food is birthed out of a passion for baby well-being by Dr. Purzner. After searching for healthy baby options for her children at a local grocery store discovered lots of unhealthy baby food on shelves.

The baby food is well prepared with proper nutrients blended with veggies and low sugar for your baby. Read on to see more on this content.

Cerebelly Baby Food Review

This is the only baby food that comes with 16 major brain-supporting nutrients as I mentioned earlier. The comes in different varieties for the total baby’s brain.

At age 3 a baby’s brain is about 80% fully developed. It is very necessary to feed the baby with food that contains the required nutrients for healthy growth.

However, unlike skin or muscle cells that regenerate all the time, the large portion of the brain cell that we have at age 3 are the ones we will still carry for our entire life. Cerebelly Baby Food is a professional line of baby food and it’s not just to fits all babies. The product line has from 15 to 18 customized nutrients for specific stages of the baby’s brain development.

The product is organic, 100% plant-derived, Non-GMO, and with no added sugar.

Cerebelly Baby Food categories

The cerebelly Baby food are in different categories and in different forms such as

  • Puree -there are made to support babies from 4 months up. There are in different forms like carrot beef broth, carrot chickpea, pea basil, pea spinach pear, sweet potato mango green bean pumpkin, kele sweet potato Apple, and black bean sweet potato. Also, sweet potato chicken broth, butternut squash chicken broth, white bean etc.
  • Smoothie-inspired. These are veggies-first smoothie-inspired pouches that contain16 brain supporting nutrients. They products varieties are celery apple kiwi, sweet potato peach, purple carrot Blueberry,
  • Smart Bars. This products contains 15 brain-supporting nutrients, 0g of added sugar, and 3g of protein, they are just the perfect pack for your baby. They come in different flavors like carrot Raisin smart Bars, Blueberry Banana sweet potato bars, Apple Kele smart Bars, and strawberry Beet smart Bars.

With all these ones listed above, your baby will simply enjoy meals with essential nutrients for growth. You can get cerebelly Baby Food at https://cerebelly.com//shop.

Is cerebelly Baby Food Safe?

Cerebelly is the first baby food brand to be honored with the Clean Label Project Purity Award. This confirms its rank as a safe and metal-free option.

Is Cerebelly Baby Food a good brand?

Cerebelly Baby Food is a safe brand. They have received the first children ever food brand award of the clean Label Project Purity Award. This kind of award is given to products that are tested for over 400 contaminants and heavy metals purity. All their products are made from plant, dairy free, gluten free no added sugar and are Non-GMO.

At what stage is cerebelly meant for?

The baby food is for fully developed babies at age 3. This supports the important stages of their brain development in the early years of their life span. As cerebelly comes with the 16 Key nutrients for a growing brain needs. The cerebelly baby food does not contain heavy metals.



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