Car Insurance Quotes in NJ (New Jersey)

How much are Car Insurance Quotes in NJ – New Jersey for a new drive? What are the most affordable Car Insurance Quotes in New Jersey? We have made research on various auto insurance rates from various insurers to list out the cheap insurance in New Jersey.

Car Insurance Quotes in NJ
Car Insurance Quotes in NJ

We reviewed a number of the biggest auto insurance companies in New Jersey and State Farm is the best cheapest car insurance rate for drivers with a minimum coverage of $427.

Car Insurance Quotes in NJ (New Jersey)

All drivers in the U.S. must have insurance coverage, but it’s difficult to get cheap car insurance in New Jersey. The best way in which you’ll be able to find the cheapest car insurance quotes is to match rates from other insurers.

Normally, the average cost of full auto insurance coverage in New Jersey is about 1,971 each year and $164 per month. For average minimum coverage in NJ, it’s about $973 each year. But as per research, it is discovered that State Farms offers the cheapest minimum coverage of $427 annually and $40 monthly.

Best Car Insurance in NJ

Below is the list of some of the best car insurance in New Jersey:

  • State Farm
  • Geico
  • Progressive
  • NJM
  • Allstate
  • Plymouth Rock

Additionally, USAA is another one among the cheapest car insurance provider. But the only side back is that it is only available to people and families who serve or have served in the military or United States Armed Forces.

Cheap Car Insurance Companies in New Jersey

Currently, State Farm offers drives the cheapest minimum car insurance coverage quotes in New Jersey. Drivers are prompt to pay an average of $427 each year. And the cost of State Farm Insurance policies is 50% cheaper than the average cost of minimum coverage.

Insurance Company Annual Rate Monthly Rate
State Farm $427 $36
Geico $476 $40
Plymouth Rock $724 $60
NJM $854 $71
Progressive $990 $82
Allstate $1,104 $92
Travelers $1,346 $112


Alternatively, you can also take on Geico as it is the second cheapest minimum coverage car insurance quote which costs $475 each year and $40 each month.

The Cheapest Full Coverage Auto Insurance in NJ

State Farm comes in third place in the cheapest full coverage auto insurance, while Geico serves as the number one cheapest. This means that Geico offers drives that cost an average of $1,134 per year and $92 per month.

Insurance Company Annual Rate Monthly Rate
Geico $1,134 $94
Plymouth Rock $1,332 $111
State Farm $1,558 $130
NJM $1,769 $147
Progressive $1,909 $159
Travelers $2,531 $211
Allstate $2,562 $213


This full auto insurance coverage also includes comprehensive and collision coverage.

The Cheapest Car Insurance for 18 Years Old in New Jersey

If you are 18 years old and in search of cheap car insurance, Geico is one of the best insurance companies to consider. Geico provides young drivers with a minimum coverage cost of $947, which is 40% less than the average.

Insurance Company Liability only Full coverage
Geico $947 $2,453
State Farm $1,320 $4,615
NJM $1,760 $3,605
Allstate $2,310 $8,013
Travelers $2,589 $5,376
Progressive $3,419 $8,791
Plymouth Rock $4,298 $10,682


It is more advisable for young drivers to use the parent’s policy. The cost of adding 18 years old to a previously existing policy saves more cash than the cost of purchasing an insurance policy for an 18-year-old person.


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