BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine – Review On The BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine 2021

Icons come in many forms. The BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine is an extravagant proof of that. With an extended wheelbase of 110 mm, it combines the legendary sportiness and pure driving dynamics of the BMW 3 Series with the generous space and luxurious comfort of a high-class limousine.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine


Innovative design meets intelligent technology. Driving pleasure meets comfort zone. Experience the BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine now.

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BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

BMW has recently introduced the 3 Series Gran Limousine Iconic Edition in India. This is a special edition that offers some extra features over the regular variant of the sedan, and here’s all you need to know about it.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine Review

Exterior; as you’d have already got an idea, the Gran Limousine is basically an extended wheelbase version of the regular 3 Series sedan. Now, the talking point of this special edition is the BMW Iconic Glow kidney grille. It is being offered as standard.

Interior; The other noteworthy features inside include a Crystal gearshift knob, ‘Vernasca’ leather upholstery, comfort seats in the front, rear seat headrest cushions, and a panoramic sunroof. Then, this Iconic Edition is also equipped with features like three-zone automatic climate control, digital instrument cluster, wireless charging, ambient lighting, automatic tail-gate, and even Parking Assist with Reverse Assist.

Engine and Gearbox; Powering the petrol version of this Iconic Edition is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine churning out 255bhp and 400Nm of torque. On the other hand, the oil-burner gets a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel unit producing 188bhp and 400Nm of torque. Both these engines come mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and have three driving modes – Comfort, ECOPRO, and Sport.

BMW 3 Series

The stretched BMW 3 Series isn’t exactly the newest car in the block. After all, long-wheelbase versions of this compact executive saloon have been around since 2012 under the F30 generation. However, these stretched compacts have been branching out of China lately.

2021 BMW 3 Series

The current generation of the long-wheelbase 3 Series is also known as the Gran Saloon or Gran Limousine these days. These models are no longer exclusive to the Mainland China market. This model is now available in India, Thailand, and Malaysia. In fact, the 3 Series Gran Saloon is even assembled in Malaysia and India.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine 2021

It’s amazing that BMW has managed to make this 3 Series Gran Limousine feel so different in character from the standard 3 Series. Thanks to its soft suspension and body roll, this is perhaps the first 3 Series you don’t want to drive quickly, but instead works really well as a car to be chauffeur-driven in.

Ride comfort is truly limousine plush, and space in the back is more than some bigger luxury sedans. There are other touches like the panoramic sunroof and additional bits of chrome and ambient lighting to make it feel a bit more special, but we’d have liked to see maybe rear sunblind for that added limo experience.


The 320Ld diesel feels like the sensible choice because of its greater fuel economy, but the 330Li petrol offers much better refinement. If you will drive even occasionally, choose the standard 3 Series, but if you have a driver and don’t mind a premium of Rs 4-4.5 lakh, the Gran Limousine is a compelling choice.

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