Bluetti AC200MAX – How to Use Bluetti AC200MA | Bluetti AC200MA Design

The AC200MAX is an incredible improvement to Bluetti’s popular AC200P, with the addition of new features like Bluetooth connectivity, and longer battery life. The biggest selling point of the Bluetti AC200MAX is their superior battery machinery over its nine years of service.

Bluetti AC200MAX
Bluetti AC200MAX

Getting the right great and high capacity power bank is becoming easier as the day goes by, with improved technology and all. But getting the right power station that can power more of the power-hungry appliances such as an AC, heater, full sized refrigerator, or other appliances when the power is out can be kind of difficult.

One of the products that can help make things like I mentioned above easier is the Bluetti AC200MAX power station. You can never go wrong with this choice.

Bluetti AC200MAX

The Bluetti AC200MAX offers an excellent power output and its capacity to be able to run almost everything plug to it. From its superb AC outlets to the 30A RV plug and its 12V DC outlets and an in built wireless charging pads, in a nut shell this solar generator is one that has many power options.

Although the Bluetti AC200MAX is not a power station you just carry everywhere, but be rest assure that it is great to have one for your travel, camping or emergencies at your home. It has some min outputs from its fourteen different ports combined with its wireless charging pads.


  • Bluetooth
  • LiFePo4
  • NEMA TT-30 Socket
  • 90% of its inverter efficiency
  • Longer battery life


  • Bulky AC adapter
  • Can be noisy

Bluetti AC200MA Availability and Pricing

The AC200MAX is as of now accessible at an exceptional cost. The B230 extension battery will cost an additional amount. The AC200MAX cost is said to have decrease for its MSRP. The two items are covered by a two-year guarantee. You can get the detailed pricing form this link.

Bluetti AC200MA Design

The AC200MAX keeps similar look and feel as its ancestor. The tough plastic case has dull tones with the Bluetti logo on the front. It measures about 42cm x 28cm x 38.7cm and also weighs 28.1kg. Two handles situated on each side permit moving the unit securely while two fans likewise on each side assistance to chill it off. The AC200MAX accompanies a major 500W square connector and a plastic sack containing links for vehicle and sun based charging.

The AC200MAX is one of a handful of the power stations that has a full-variety contact screen. The fresh presentation gives data about the station’s charge and release exercises. The various leveled menu is efficient, offering simple admittance to settings, battery information logs, and any alert that might have been set off. The screen backdrop illumination is kept on for 30 seconds prior to switching off. A blare that can be impaired is sounded on any screen press.

How to Use Bluetti AC200MA

The unit is turned on by pressing the main button situated to one side of the display. A Bluetooth connection is made once the unit is on. The AC and DC yields are empowered by two on-screen delicate buttons. Info and result power as well as the excess battery charge are advantageously shown. Four delicate buttons situated on the passed on help to explore to various sub-menus. The client can pick between review the settings, information, alerts, or home.

The versatile application can be used to somewhat empower yields or to refresh the station’s firmware. Under ideal circumstances, a ten-meter reach can be acquired which is decreased to five meters while refreshing the firmware. There are less highlights accessible in the application contrasted with what is given on the base.

Bluetti AC200MA Reviews

Bluetti took a generally incredible power station specifically the AC200P and made it shockingly better. The AC200MAX incorporates new highlights like a Bluetooth connection, a NEMA TT-30 attachment for RV lovers, and to wrap things up, the capacity to grow the battery limit with up to an additional two batteries. With these new elements, they have a framework that is ready to go about as a crisis power hotspot for a little home at whatever point there is a power outage.

The AC200MAX can be worked on further by having either a more modest power connector or having it incorporated into the base unit. The unit is boisterous which makes its usage as a uninterruptible power source in an office unbearable. It is additionally weighty however that is explained by the usage of the LiFePo4 batteries.



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