Black Friday Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline – Facebook Cover Photo | Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

It has been a long since we are waiting for Black Friday and now that the event has been in place what do you think about the Black Friday Cover Photo for Facebook Timeline.

Do you think Black Friday is on the Facebook cover photo or is it that people are just talking about it to get more viewers on their web page?

Black Friday Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline - Facebook Cover Photo | Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

As for me, I may say it is on Facebook. The black Friday Facebook cover photo is really on the platform, this is the act of using the Black Friday image for your cover photo.

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Black Friday Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline

Still on Black Friday cover photo for Facebook timeline. I know you may be wondering or having a drought about how you can use access black Friday on your Facebook cover photo. Using Black Friday on Facebook is using the image as your cover photo on the platform, not the Black Friday service itself.

Know that changing your cover photo or profile photo normally appears on your timeline, that is the reason why the topic has a timeline on it. Without wasting much time talking and talking, what is the reason for the cover photo?

Facebook Cover Photo

Is there anyone that can tell me the use of the cover photo on Facebook? Users have been posting cover images on their accounts but we don’t know the reason or what it does for our accounts. The cover photo is the largest photo on your Facebook account, it is located at the top of your profile picture.

Cover photos are public photos, that anyone visiting your profile will first see. My idea is that I see the cover profile as the background or the wallpaper for your profile picture. There is more to learn about the Facebook cover photo and size.

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Do you know what Facebook cover photo dimensions is, this is talking about the cover photo size? Which can also be seen in another way like Facebook cover photo size. When uploading a cover photo to your account, you should also think about the image size that you are uploading.

As for the size that Facebook except for the cover photo is 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall. And this is both for your profile page cover photo and that of your page and group cover photo.

Facebook Black Friday Download

To get the black Friday image in other to use it for your cover photo, you need to download the image by yourself because you can’t get the image on Facebook. To get the Black Friday image, you have to access the Google search engine.

  • Go to and search for “Black Friday” and click on the image.
  • Scroll through the image page to find the photo that you will like to use for your cover photo.
  • Right-click on the image if you are using a computer and for those using mobile phones. Just long click on the image and click download.
  • After downloading the image, go back to your Facebook account and follow the steps below.

Here we are done downloading the image for Black Friday.

Steps to Use Black Friday as Facebook Cover Photo

To upload the image as your cover photo image, here are the instructions that you need.

  • Login to your account and go to your profile page.
  • Next is to click “Edit Cover Photo” at the top of your profile photo.
  • Then click “Upload” and click on the Black Friday image that you have downloaded from Google.

After which, you can now click on “Save Changes” to save your new cover photo.

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