Best Ways to Surprise Him On Valentine’s Day

Best Ways To Surprise Him On Valentine’s Day: The day you have been waiting to surprise your boyfriend or husband is finally approaching. But is your Valentine’s Day surprise for him not ready? You need to rush before it is too late, as you cannot miss out on this great opportunity to let your partner know how much you love him.

Best Ways To Surprise Him On Valentine’s Day

Below are ways to surprise your man on Valentine’s day;

Involve His Friends and Co-Workers

A smart way to figure out what to gift him is by reaching out to his friends and co-workers. Your boyfriend is likely to share some of his interests exclusively with them. Contact them to understand if there’s any product, place, or experience that he has been talking about. Or he has been making plans to buy a gadget? How about surprising him with the same on Valentine’s? Even if nothing comes out of your interactions with them, it is always a good idea to know who his friends are.

Go All Out as a Seductress

No half measures here. Get into the role of a seductress and seduce the living hell out of him. Think of it as many gifts rolled into one, whether it’s gift wrapping yourself, flooring him with some dance moves you learned from the net, or the use of accessories that he has only been dreaming about. Remember all the things he has been requesting you to do for months. Go on, it’s time to woo, tease, tickle, and make him tremble.

Attend a Sporting Event With Him

This requires some planning in advance. Find out if his favorite team has a match scheduled in your city or nearby during Valentine’s week and buy tickets at the earliest. Obviously, he would know about the match and mention it to you. Here’s where you have to put on an act. Pretend that you have already made plans elsewhere, and he has to be with you. Do not give in easily and tell him your plans. An added advantage is that this is one occasion where you don’t worry about getting dressed. Any kind of casual attire will do.

Make a Video

Alright, this requires some work, but you will be glad that you did it. Find out some videos of your boyfriend and weave them together with his favorite track and make a video. You can tell him why he is so special.

If you can’t do it on your own, there are plenty of services both online and offline that will do it for you. If you can get his friends and family to appear and say their bit, it will take it to another level altogether. This is where the previous idea of contacting his friends and co-workers sounds even better. It will be there forever and remains a good memory.

A surprise Dinner Date

No one says No to Dinner, and we are sure your partner won’t either. Get him to dress up for a surprise night out at his favorite restaurant or a new place you have been wanting to try out. If you want to add more romance get him some flowers with a handwritten card of how much you love him.

Organize a Short Trip

You have to figure out a destination. It shouldn’t be too far away from your place. A nice, quiet place outside the city is ideal.  Once you get there, take a short walk together. If there’s a pool, make the most of it. Forget the city and your daily chores and focus on just the two of you. This will surely make him appreciate all the work that you have put into it.

Love should be celebrated every day, and there is no reason to celebrate it on a particular day. However, as Valentine’s Day has become a tradition of sorts in most parts of the world, many people make it a point to show their loved ones how special they are. Surprise your man with any of these ideas and watch his face light up with delight.


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