Best Pet Insurance in Wisconsin – Pet Insurance in Wisconsin

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Best Pet Insurance in Wisconsin

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Best Pet Insurance in Wisconsin

Here are the best pet insurance companies in Wisconsin that you can find:


Although Lemonade does not have as many years of experience in the pet insurance industry as other providers, it is making strides to simply become the best pet insurance company available. It is also a top pick due to its comprehensive coverage and fast, easy claims process.

  • Score: 96.
  • It has a $100,000 annual limit option, which is simply higher than what most providers offer.
  • Offers a percentage-based 10% bundling discount for Lemonade homeowners’ insurance and also Lemonade renters’ insurance customers.
  • It also features a mobile app with AI technology for filing fast claims.

Lemonade’s unimpressive rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has simply caused it to lose a few points in our review when it is compared with other top players in the industry, but it is still a recommended company since many of the complaints impacting its score reference its other insurance products, rather than pet insurance.

Lemonade Pet Insurance: Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of lemonade:


  • Offers extra preventive care for pets less than 2 years old.
  • Also provides optional coverage for physical therapy treatments and vet visit fees.
  • Have or has consistently lower prices than most of the competitors for various pet breeds and ages.


  • It offers only 3 annual deductible options, which is one less than what other providers offer.
  • It does not cover dental illness, unlike many competitors.


Customizing your pet insurance policy is also a great way for you to get affordable coverage that meets your exact needs. Spot can also offer more annual coverage limits than most competitors, giving you several options.

Some highlights simply include the following:

  • Score: 91.
  • Has a wide range of annual coverage options between the amount of $2,500 and even unlimited.
  • Offers a 24/7 telehealth line for help with your pet’s health before going to the vet.
  • Also, provide an accident-only plan option.

Spot Pros and Cons


  • Standard policies cover microchip implantation.
  • Also has 2 comprehensive wellness care coverage level options.
  • Does not require you to provide medical records when signing up for coverage.


  • It does not provide weekend customer service availability.
  • It also has a 14-day waiting period for accidents, which is longer than some competitors.


Users have recommended Embrace as a top pet insurance provider for its 5 deductible options and also its Healthy Pet Deductible, which lowers your deductible each year you don’t file a claim.

  • Score: 93.5
  • It also includes the Healthy Pet Deductible with each policy for about $50 credit to your deductible each year you don’t file a claim.
  • It provides five deductible options between the amounts of $200 and $1,000, which is more than many competitors.
  • Donates an amount of $2 with each policy sold.

Embrace Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Embrace below:

  • Includes exam fee coverage in standard policies, which isn’t typically covered by other providers.
  • Simply offers a 5% discount for military members.
  • Also, offer the optional Wellness Rewards Plan for 100% reimbursement of covered bills rather than having per-item limits.


  • We provide higher prices for cats than many competitors, according to the quotes we received.
  • Does not offer coverage limits beyond $30,000 per year, which is lower than most other companies.

Fetch by The Dodo

Scoring 91.5 out of 100 in a review of the best pet insurance providers, Fetch is also a top pick for pet parents who simply want holistic coverage for their dogs and even cats. Fetch’s accident and illness plan covers stem cell therapy, acupuncture, homeotherapy, and chiropractic care.

  • Up to $1,000 of behavioral therapy coverage
  • Unlimited annual coverage.
  • Streamlined mobile claim filing

The Pros & Cons of Fetch by The Dodo

  • Simply covers vacation cancellation expenses due to your pet’s accident or illness.
  • It offers an amount of $1,000 annually for virtual vet visits.
  • It includes exam fees and also sick visits, which many competitors exclude.


  • It requires your pet to undergo an annual vet exam to stay eligible for coverage.
  • It does not offer any routine care add-ons.

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is also one of the most popular companies in the industry, and it is found that it stands out the most for unlimited annual, per-incident, and lifetime coverage at affordable prices.

  • Score: 93.5.
  • It also includes unlimited coverage caps with all policies, meaning you will never have to pay out of pocket after reaching a coverage cap.
  • Has been in business for about 11 years, which is simply more than most competitors in this review.
  • We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for a “free look” at your pet insurance policy.

Pros and Cons of Healthy Paws

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Healthy Paws:

  • It makes most payouts within two days of policyholders filing a claim.
  • Simply Donates to charities each time someone receives a pet insurance quote.
  • It has helpful pet care and even training resources on the Healthy Paws mobile app.


  • It does not let you customize reimbursement rates and also deductibles for pets of some breeds and ages.
  • It has a 15-day waiting period for accidents, which is simply longer than most other providers in this review.

Prudent Pet

If you are looking for a pet insurance company with one of the most comprehensive plans on the market, then choose Prudent Pet for its Ultimate Plan, which simply covers accidents and illnesses, plus a few extras like vacation cancellation fees and lost-pet advertising.

  • Score: 95.
  • Offers unlimited coverage with the Ultimate Plan, meaning you will never reach a maximum for payouts throughout the year.
  • It also includes access to a 24/7 vet chat with each plan.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee after purchasing a plan.

Prudent Pet Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Prudent Pet below:

  • Offers an affordable accident-only plan with $10,000 of annual coverage.
  • Simply offers optional coverage for exam and vet visit fees.
  • Offers three preventative care coverage levels and also price points, which is more than most competitors.


  • Does not then let you customize annual limits like other providers.
  • Does not also have a mobile app, unlike many competitors.


Figo also has one of the most unique coverage add-ons called the Extra Care Pack. It simply helps you to then pay for circumstantial costs related to owning a pet, such as end-of-life expenses and even third-party property damage liability up to $10,000.

Some highlights then include:

  • Score: 93.
  • It offers the Figo Pet Cloud app with features that simply connect you to other Wisconsin pet owners near you and also help you manage your pet’s health records.
  • Offer a 24/7 live chat with vets available to policyholders.
  • It processes most claims within three business days.

Figo’s Pros and Cons


  • Typically offers lower prices on older pets than many competitors, based on the dozens of quotes received.
  • It has a one-day waiting period for injuries that is shorter than the other companies in this review.
  • They also offer a 100% reimbursement rate for coverage without any copays.


  • It does not cover your pet’s behavioral treatments.
  • Requires annual exams to remain eligible for coverage.


Is pet insurance in Wisconsin worth it?

Yes, pet insurance in Wisconsin can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you do not have solid savings account to fall back on during an emergency. After simply surveying 1,000 pet owners nationwide, it has been found that around 40% of them would need to use their credit cards to simply pay for unexpected vet bills, while roughly 9% said they did not know how they would pay for those bills.

Does pet insurance cover spay or neuter surgery?

No, standard pet insurance policies do not simply cover spay or neuter procedures, but you can purchase additional coverage from Embrace or Prudent Pet for an extra monthly fee to help pay for those costs.

When is the Best Time to buy a Pet Insurance Policy?

Buying a pet insurance policy as early as possible in your animal’s life is recommended. If you wait too long to then simply purchase a policy, your pet could then experience multiple conditions that are not covered. Not to mention, no pet insurance company simply covers pre-existing conditions that occur before your policy’s coverage start date.


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