Best Money Transfer Apps – Online Money Transfer Services in USA

Using the best money transfer apps makes it easy and quick to send and receive money, either to and from friends, family, and other sources. The best part is that all you need is a mobile device or smartphone and any transfer app of your choosing.

Best Money Transfer Apps
Best Money Transfer Apps

Banks can sometimes be slow in embracing the internet, thereby unknowing giving rise to third parties to develop tools to make transferring money between people painless and easy.

Even as bank has finally made the transferring of money online easier, not least through an app, international payments are still difficult to make without an external or third-party money transfer provider.

And this is where the money transfer apps come into play, and has blossomed in as much as personal finance software is concerned. The transfer apps offer avenues to send money across the world using different currencies in a much simpler and easier pain free-way.

Best Money Transfer Apps

With the use of the best money transfer apps, security solely remains a key provision, making sure that all your transactions are well protected through a combination of features to keep them all safe, including strong encryption between the devices involved.

These best money transfer apps also collect store ratings and assist app shoppers to shell out money safely, with no hidden fees included. They fit well for consumer-specific needs, which include international payments, social options, virtual wallet offerings, and more.

Best Money Transfer Apps 2022

World Remit

This money transfer app allows you to transfer money using a service that is purely based online and finds favor all thanks to its competitive rates and solid options for moving money through an android app or iOS.


Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: Dependent on destination and card usedTransfer speed: InstantBest for: International transfers.


This transfer app boasts a crisp and straightforward operation that makes easy transfer simple, with instant or an hour options available to wealth of different countries. They also offer a 24/7 delivery to selected countries, without and postponements whatsoever that occurs because its weekends.


Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: No minimumTransfer speed: Dependent on bank and card usedBest for: Simplicity.


This is one popular transfer app used by individuals and organizations, which benefits also gets more standings for having even PayPal behind it. The services is more like digital wallet as it allows quick and easy peer-to-peer transfers.


Operating System: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: No minimumTransfer speed: InstantBest for: Shared bills.


This service has become so ommon with ecommerce. PayPal’s app maintains itself a more corporate look. Its known for its tight security measures making you enter your password every time you open the app.

Western Union

Western union is known to have one of the highest profiles of all the money transfer operations, with a great backing up history. Its global service is now open to be used via your mobile device.


Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: No minimumTransfer time: Quick/instantBest for: Range of locations


App: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: $1Transfer speed : Minutes depending on bankBest for: All-round money transfers.


This one is based in the UK, and it’s a peer-to-peer money transfer app, which is presently accessible in more than 59 countries with plans to extend its services across more countries. Wise is known to offer a straightforward money transfer options, and also has a multi-currency account option.


Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: No minimumTransfer speed: Minutes depending on bankBest for: Larger transactions.


This is another instant known name in the money transfer sector and one of the oldest one too. Although charges are based on where cash is been transferred to, the service is a grate one in transferring money.


Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: $1Transfer Speed: Minutes depending on bankBest for: Global appeal.

Online Money Transfer Services in USA

Choosing the best online money transfer in USA has become easy as there are many amazing apps you can choose from, some of which are listed below;

  • Venmo: this one is rated for mobile.
  • Cash app: this one is good for referral bonus.
  • Zelle: this is for fast domestic transfers (tie with Google Pay).
  • Google Pay this is also fast for domestic transfers (tie with Zelle).
  • PayPal.
  • Walmart2Walmart: this one is good for nonbank transfers.

Best International Money Transfer App

Thankfully technology has made what seem impossible years ago achievable now. You can easil;y send money internationally with the following app;

  • Wise
  • WorldRemit
  • Remitly
  • Xoom by PayPal

Best Money Transfer Apps to India

One could have never imagined sending money to another place in the world would become so easy right. Well Go Cashless is the new trend in India. E-wallets ad mobile wallets has made it so effortless. Below are some of the best money transfer app available to send money to India;

  • Paytm.
  • Google Pay.
  • PhonePe.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • BHIM.
  • Mobikwik.
  • Freecharge.
  • PayUMoney.

Best Money Transfer Apps to Africa

This list will not be complete without adding Africa. This is because immigrants from Africa, all around the world are constantly in search for efficient ways to send money to their families back at home. Below is some of the best money transfer app for sending money to Africa.

  • Sendwave
  • Western Union
  • World Remit
  • Fleri

The fact is that if you are in search of the best way to move money around, to either send or receive cash, then a money transfer app is one of the surest ways to do it.



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