Best Emergency Loans for Limited Credit Score

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Best Emergency Loans for Limited Credit Score
Best Emergency Loans for Limited Credit Score

This is why I have made this review to simply explain what this Best Emergency Loans for Limited Credit Score is and how you can know the platforms that offer it. All you have to do is to keep on reading this article and get all the info.

Best Emergency Loans for Limited Credit Score

Some users are not fit to apply for a loan because of their low credit score or limited credit score. But am here to tell you that if you are one of these people then don’t be worried there is a solution to this. There are platforms that can loan you money even if your credit is very low. I am going to show you a review of them.

Types of Emergency Loans

Emergency loans can come in a few different forms, including:

  • Personal loans. You can simply get an unsecured personal loan, which uses your credit score and your history to determine eligibility, interest rate and also the amount you can borrow. Some lenders can offer secured personal loans that are collateralized by personal assets like cars, investments and also real estate.
  • Payday loans. The Payday loans are low-amount, high-interest loans. They do not even require a credit check but have a fast turnaround, usually requiring repayment by your next payday. These loans are usually an amount of $500 or less and come with fees equivalent to APRs as high as 400%. If possible, you are recommended to avoid this option.
  • Title loans. A title loan is when you have hand over the title to your vehicle, like your car, in exchange for cash. If you do not repay the loan, then your lender can keep your vehicle.
  • Credit card advances. If you then have a credit card, you can have a chance to borrow cash through your available credit balance. Interest rates for credit card cash advances tend to be higher than the APRs for regular purchases, and also you can expect fees on top of that (for instance, transaction and processing fees). Interest starts accruing when you simply take money out—there is no grace period—and also will increase how much you need to pay back.

How to Get an Emergency Loan with Bad Credit Score

If you have a poor credit as defined by FICO (a score of 350 to 579), you will not be able to qualify for a personal loan unless you take one of the following action steps:

  • Add a co-signer. Applying for an emergency loan with a co-signer can then improve your approval odds. A co-signer is simply someone who helps a prospective borrower qualify for a loan by pledging to repay the loan if the borrower does not pay back; the lender then relies more heavily on the co-signer’s credit score during the application process.
  • Utilize available collateral. Some personal loan lenders also offer secured options, which means that you can simply pledge collateral—something of value like real estate, vehicles, cash and investments—to help reduce the risk that you pose on the lender as a bad-credit borrower. But, if you ever fail to meet your repayment obligations, the lender can repossess the collateral.
  • Apply through a credit union. Some credit unions offer even more flexible qualification requirements to their members than the traditional banks or lenders. Check with a local credit union in your community and then ask about options for bad-credit borrowers.

Best Emergency Loans

Here are the best emergency loan platforms that you can take loans from:


LightStream is a consumer lending division of Truist—which then formed following the merger of SunTrust Bank and BB&T. This platform offers unsecured personal loans from as little as the amount of $5,000 up to $100,000. Although a number of lenders offer smaller loans than the LightStream minimum, the few lenders offer a higher maximum loan. Repayment terms are also available from two to seven years, making it an excellent option for those who want to spread out the payment of large expenses over time.


  • Minimum credit score is 660.
  • APR range 3.99% to 19.99% with autopay.
  • Loan amounts $5,000 to $100,000.


  • No origination, prepayment or late fees.
  • Low, competitive rates.
  • Fast approval and funding.


  • No prequalification process
  • No due date flexibility
  • Limitations on use of loan proceeds

Eligibility: Prospective borrowers should have a nice and a very good to excellent FICO credit score to qualify for a LightStream personal loan. The lender will also even evaluate each applicant’s credit history, including whether they have multiple account types. Borrowers should have an income stable enough to make current debt payments and future LightStream payments.

This high credit score requirement—combined with the lack of a prequalification process—makes this platform (Lightstream) a better source of emergency funds for people with a strong credit profile. That said, if you need a loan quickly and has a weak credit score; the LightStream does allow prospective borrowers to then apply with a co-applicant who can boost their chances of approval.

Loan uses: LightStream’s personal loans can even be used for a wide range of purposes, so it’s a flexible lending option if you ever need a personal loan due to an emergency. Borrowers can use this platform’s personal loan for everything from a new car, to home improvements and land, timeshares, and tiny homes.


Upgrade is one top choice for the best overall emergency loan for bad credit and also the best flexible repayment term. Not only is the Upgrade able to approve eligible borrowers with credit scores as low as 550 for emergency loans, but it can offer a secured option if you cannot qualify without collateral or you would like a better rate. These value-added features have made it stand out from its competitors.

Upgrade can assist eligible borrowers with credit scores as low as 550 get approved for emergency loans of up to $50,000. It also offers repayment terms of up to 84 months.


  • APR Range: 6.95% – 35.97% these rates are inclusive of origination fees of 2.9% to 8%.
  • Time to Receive Loan: 1 Days.
  • Loan Amount: $1,000 – $50,000.


  • Offers a pre-qualification option.
  • Secured personal loan option available.
  • Long maximum repayment term.


  • Origination fees can be high (up to 8%).
  • Lowest APRs reserved for most creditworthy borrowers.
  • Does not offer personal loan refinancing.

Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union is also a top choice among credit unions offering emergency loans for bad credit. This lender simply offers loans as small as an amount of $250 and as large as $50,000, with current APRs ranging from 7.49% to 18%.

It has no minimum credit score requirement for the borrowers, and it is possible for you to get funded the same day you got approved for a loan. Many other lenders may take several days to disburse loans, which can then be problematic if you need quick funding for an emergency expense.


  • APR Range: 7.49% – 18.00%.
  • Time To Receive Loan: 1 Days.
  • Loan Amount: $250 – $50,000.


  • No origination fees.
  • Long repayment terms available for certain loan types.


  • No pre-qualification option.
  • Membership is required to apply for a loan.

Rocket Loans

This is a sister company to the Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans, the Rocket Loans offers personal loans through the Cross River Bank. The lender’s availability in most states and have low minimum credit score requirement (580) which makes Rocket Loans an accessible option. But, borrowers will then face origination fees and repayment terms limited to three or five years.

Keep in mind that the funding speed and accessibility also come with a price—Rocket Loans charges an origination fee between 1% and 6% of the loan amount and also the APRs range from 7.161% to 29.99%. So, if you have a high credit score, or can’t wait a little longer to receive funds, cheaper loan options may be available. You can simply qualify for loan amounts of $2,000 to $45,000.


  • Minimum credit score 580.
  • APR range 6.72% to 29.99% with autopay.
  • Loan amounts $2,000 to $45,000.


  • Prequalification process only requires a soft credit check.
  • Offers same-day approval, and same-day funding may be possible.
  • Does not impose a prepayment penalty.
  • Rate discount available with autopay.


  • Fees for origination, late payment and insufficient funds.
  • Does not offer direct payment for debt consolidation loans.
  • Doesn’t allow co-signers or co-applicants.
  • Limited loan repayment terms.

Eligibility: You will need a minimum credit score of just 580 to qualify for a personal loan (the average for a Rocket Loans borrower is 710). The average borrower should have a minimum credit history of two years (the average is 18) and also a minimum income of $24,000 (the average is $85,000). In addition, Rocket Loans does not allow co-signers or co-applicants, so if you need quick access to cash, you will need to qualify on your own.

Loan uses: Rocket Loans borrowers can even use the personal loan funds for home improvements, auto-related expenses, travel and also vacation, and some other large expenses. This makes it very flexible option for things like unexpected medical or funeral costs, or for emergency home repairs. Loan funds can’t be used for education costs, so you will not be able to use a Rocket Loans personal loan to cover last-minute school expenses.


The Avant which was founded in the year 2012 and based in Chicago, is a consumer lending platform that simply offers secured and unsecured personal loans through a third-party bank (WebBank). Unsecured loans are available in Washington, D.C., and every state but Hawaii, Iowa, New York, Vermont, West Virginia and Maine.

This platform specializes in middle-income borrowers with fair to good credit and typically only requires a minimum score of 580 to qualify, so it is an accessible option if you have less than stellar credit but need money fast.


  • Minimum credit score 580.
  • APR range 9.95% to 35.99%.
  • Loan amounts $2,000 to $35,000.


  • Next business day funding available.
  • Low credit score requirement (580).
  • Loan terms available up to 60 months.


  • Charges an upfront administrative fee.
  • High starting APR for prime borrowers.
  • Co-signers and co-applicants not allowed.

Eligibility: Avant specializes in lending to a range of customers, which includes those with fair credit. The platform has a minimum credit score requirement of just 580 (the average is 600 to 700) and a minimum income requirement of just $20,000 (the average is $40,000 to $100,000).

Avant doesn’t allow co-signers or co-applicants, but it can consider non-employment income and also the income of others in your household. If you then need a personal loan fast but do not have great credit, you may still qualify.

Loan uses: Like other top lenders, Avant loans can simply be used to consolidate debt and also pay for things like medical expenses, auto repairs, home improvements moving and some other emergency expenses. That said, Avant borrowers can’t use personal loan funds to cover business expenses—so if you need emergency cash for your business, then the Avant is not the lender for you.


What Is The Easiest Place To Get A Personal Loan?

Personal loans can simply be obtained from traditional lenders like banks and also credit unions as well as online lenders. With that said; online lenders frequently offer the faster and more streamlined application and lending processes. This means that if there is an emergency and you need to access personal loan funds quickly, an online lender is likely your best option.

Can You Get Emergency Loans For Veterans?

Veterans can be able to apply for personal loans to simply access emergency cash. Funds can also be used to cover car repairs, home improvements or to bridge the gap between pay periods. Veterans can even apply through traditional banks and also online lenders, or they can consider lenders that cater to veterans and military members.

How to Get an Emergency Loan with No Job?

Unless you have secondary income that your preferred lender can simply use to qualify you, getting an emergency loan with no job may be unlikely. But your income is one of the most important factors when it comes to your eligibility because it has a way of demonstrating your ability to afford your loan. If you are not yet eligible for an emergency loan, then consider alternatives like a family loan.

Will Emergency Loans Impact My Credit Score?

Applying for an emergency loan simply has a temporary negative impact on your credit score. The lender will usually then run a hard credit check, which can results in a hard inquiry on your credit report, to understand your creditworthiness. Hard credit inquiries can then ding your credit score by up to five points for one year but will stay on your report for two years.

How Fast Can I Get An Emergency Loan?

Emergency loans also are typically quick and it provides deposits within a day or two of approval. Some of the lenders may even fund loans on the day you apply.

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