Best 2021 App for Jamb CBT: Download the Best Free Jamb CBT Apps for 2021

If you are searching for the Best 2021 App for Jamb CBT apps that would help you prepare for your forthcoming exams. Then you’re on the right blog. I’ve got you covered as I’ll be discussing briefly some of the best apps to help you prepare. Read on to find out more.

Best 2021 App for Jamb CBT: Download the Best Free Jamb CBT Apps for 2021

Best 2021 App for Jamb CBT

Best 2020 App for Jamb CBT simply means the best or top Jamb CBT apps to use. As you must have known, the price of the form and the closing date. That means the next step is to prepare ahead of the exams.

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Now is the perfect time to arrange all the materials you can get to help your study and be prepared for the CBT Exams.

What is the Best Free Jamb CBT Apps to Download?

Below is the list of apps to download for your CBT exams preparation;

  • Myschool Jamb App
  • Flashlearners Jamb App
  • MSgist Jamb CBT App
  • Awajis Jamb CBT App
  • Currentschoolnews CBT App
  • Passng Jamb Mobile App

Now let’s have a look at how they are the best.

Myschool Jamb App

Myschool Jamb app is not just for Jamb practice but also useful for GCE, WAEC, post UTME, etc. Here are some of the reasons it is among the best;

  • Just a once activation process is required.
  • WAEC, SSCE/GCE are supported on the app.
  • Past questions to questions are all in an organized form.
  • Users can access past questions and solutions offline. That is to say without an internet connection.
  • Stay updated and study past questions from the year Jamb started to date.
  • There’s an inbuilt calculator.

The app is useful behind the few features listed above. All you need to do is to download the app from Google Play Store.

Flashlearners Jamb App

This is an e-learning mobile application. Flashlearners Jamb App helps Jamb candidates to prepare and pass their exams easily. It works offline so an internet connection is really required. The app contains Jamb novels, there’s a virtual chatbot acting as an Assistant.

It includes a summary of all prescribed UTME Literature textbooks. Candidates using this app can review all questions available to figure out any error. The app performance is improved and better. There’s more to expect with the app.

MSgist Jamb CBT

Here’s another great Jamb CBT preparation app to use. With the right use of the app, you’re on your way to passing your exam like a genius. The app is similar to the one of JAMB but far better than the original.

It includes over 20 subjects and can also be used offline. That is to say, in a situation where you do not have an internet connection, it can still be used.

Awajis Jamb CBT

Awajis is among the best apps to use for your Jamb preparation. This app should actually be on your top choice of Jamb apps to download because it has some incredible features to stand out. There are over 13,000 Jamb past questions and solutions.

It is completely offline, that is to say, you don’t need internet access to use. Candidates can choose individual topics to study and boost performance. Subject selection is available.

Currentschoolnews Jamb CBT

This is another e-learning software that enables Jambite to scale through UTME exams. You’re sure to come with flying colors. The app works offline on the internet. There are some incredible features on the app such as voice control, personal assistant, text to speech technology, etc.

Passng Jamb App

Passng Jamb CBT mobile application is another great app to help boost your exam performance. With this app, you can get access to over 50,00 past questions and solutions. Each with illustrations.

There’s an Intelligent Performance Statistics depending on the topics you wish to study. Also, it has a smart voice assistant, etc.

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