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Babbel Alternatives – People don’t know what is Babbel Alternatives, right in this very text you will get all it takes to know what is above this paragraph. Learning other languages hasn’t been any easier with Babbel.

With Babbel, you can learn lots of languages. The world is made up of so many languages and most times, we really wish to understand some. Nobody says it’s impossible to learn other languages. In fact, that is so possible with Babbel and its alternative available. But first, what is Babbel?

Babbel Alternatives


Babbel Alternatives – Babbel Reviews

Do you know what Babbel is, it is a German language learning app and also an e-learning platform. The service is available in various languages. Learning languages on Babbel might cost users some money and that’s why most users go for its alternatives.

That doesn’t mean the cost is basically high, it is actually affordable but going for the alternatives would you help combine different words, sentences, or key phrases. Right now, we are going to be checking on what we have above as the header of the article Babbel alternatives.

What are the Best Alternatives to Babbel?

If you’re looking for the best alternatives to use in place of Babbel, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you feel the price is too high for or you just want to focus on other skills. There are alternatives. They are;

  • Duolingo
  • FluentU
  • Hello Hello
  • Mango Languages
  • HelloTalk

These are the Babbel alternatives that we all have been looking into right from the beginning of the article. Right now, I want us to look into them one after the other.


Duolingo is one of the most popular applications for other languages. There are lots of features that are similar to Babbel, but Duolingo is actually free. One resemblance Duolingo shares with Babbel is flexible time commitments. Duolingo can also be used for longer stretches whenever you want.

It also offers speaking practice. That is to say, you can record words and phrases and then compare them to the example given. This feature is optional. More than 20 languages are been offered on the service.


This one mostly focuses on conversational languages with realistic examples. FluentU makes use of real-world videos such as trailers, music videos, inspirational talks, and also news. Then make them personalized lessons. It is very convenient and compatible with any device type.

FluentU can be tried for free, then you can choose from the other payment prices. As there are different pricing options. Though, it’s not yet made available in more than 10 languages. The service is still working on it. But FluentU is a perfect alternative to Babbel. It can be installed on your iOS and Android devices.

Hello Hello

Hello Hello is designed to aim at preparing users to write, read, listen and speak in the language they want. It has a similar conversational focus on Babbel. Phrases are presented in a very realistic conversational context to give users an idea of how to use it. Recordings of self-speaking can be made to check pronunciation. Hello Hello currently offers more than 10 languages.

Mango Languages

This one is actually loaded with lots of the features users love Babbel. Mango Languages makes use of realistic example conversations. By so doing, users get to work on their vocabulary and give their skills to conversations. Mango Langues allows you to record your own pronunciation and hen compare it to native speakers’ own. That way, you can perfect your accent.

There are over 60 languages being offered. More than the languages being offered on Babbel. The trial is free but a subscription is required for additional lessons on the service. It is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices.


HelloTalk is available on both iOS and Android devices. While using Babbel, if your favorite feature is conversation-based learning, then HelloTalk is perfect. Rather than simulating realistic conversations, it provides you with real conversations with native speakers.

So, doing, it allows you to learn vocabulary in an authentic context. The app also offers corrections and translations, so you don’t need to worry much about mistakes. More than 100 languages are offered on the app.

To use the basic is free, but additional languages required subscriptions. All these, are the Babbel alternatives that you should know about when it comes to making use of the platform.

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