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Babbel is a language learning platform that is being used by millions of individuals in different countries. Though the platform is a paid learning one, you can actually create an account for free, and take your first class.






After the first class and if you still wish to use the platform for learning, you can then proceed to pay for a subscription. It offers courses in over 10 languages. Babbel can be used for learning on smartphones and Computers and it is compatible with any device type. That means you can get it on the device you’re using and start learning. You can find out more about Babbel by reading on.




It is a language learning app and an e-learning platform. It has been available in different languages since 2008. The platform currently offers 14 different languages from seven display languages. The display languages are German, English, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, and Swedish. The Babbel original learning content is developed in house by a team of over 100 educators and linguists.

On Babbel, there are beginners, intermediate, and grammar courses, vocabulary lessons, as well as courses with tongue twisters, idioms, and sayings. The courses for a particular language may be aimed at a specific audience, for instance, English may be learned as “PR English.

The platform is very effective and it actively helps in learning. If you are wishing to learn most of the popular languages in the world, here’s a choice with Babbel. You won’t have to say, you can’t use the platform if you don’t have a PC because it has a mobile app for any smartphone. The app is simple and free to download.

Babble App

Babble app is built by language learning experts. Though the interactive lessons are, it is very effective. Well, if you are actually the old school way of learning a language, then you should install this app on your device to start learning today. With the Babel app, learning is faster, smarter, and better. And you can learn from anywhere and at any time with an internet connection.

The app is one of the best language learning platforms you would get there. Here’s why;

  • It has bite-sized interactive lessons. You can easily schedule lessons.
  • There is a language for any situation. Find a language course for work, everyday life, travel, etc.
  • With the Babbel app, you write, listen, speak, and also read.
  • It helps to improve your pronunciation and also remember what you learned.

There’s more you can do with the app, all you have to do is to install Babble on your device.

Babbel App Download

To install or get the Babbel app on your device, open the app store on your phone and enter Babbel. Then the result list that will be displayed selects the first language app to load the information page. From the Babbel information page, tap on “Install”.

Is Babbel Free?

Babble sign-up is free as well as the app and it can be used for free at the start. But to fully use and benefit from the platform, you need a subscription. You can choose the subscription type that you can. The subscription will be renewed unless auto-renew is off 24 hours before the payment ends.

Once you subscribe to Babble, you get full access to all courses and levels in the language you’ve selected. This includes progressive lessons from Newcomer level upwards, and also supplementary lessons on a wide range of topics that includes vacation phrases, culture, grammar, and many more. Also, you can choose a course that suits your current ability and learning goals.

Languages Available on Babble

Unlike most of the language learning platforms, Babble offers just 14 languages. THE languages are;

  • Spanish.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Italian.
  • Portuguese (Bralian).
  • Polish.
  • Russian.
  • Dutch.
  • Turkish.
  • Danish.
  • Norwegian.
  • Swedish.
  • Indonesian.
  • English

The above are the languages on the Babble learning platform.

How to Use Babble

Babbel can be used on multiple devices, actually as many as you like. All that is required is for you to log in with the same email every time. Creating an account is simple and free on Babble, use your Facebook or Email address. On a computer or laptop, you can access the platform at And Apple or Android mobile device, install the app. Here’s how to use the platform;

Using a Computer or Desktop
  • Use the URL and visit at
  • Click on Login or Sign Up at the top right corner of the page.
  • Login or Sign Up using Facebook, Google, or your Email Address. To log in using your email, simply tap on it and your account will be loaded.
  • Then continue from where you stopped or start a new course.
Using Mobile
  • Launch the app and tap on Login or Sign Up.
  • Use your email or Facebook. Type in the email and password to log in.

You will be logged into your Babble account and you can start from your stop. Or simply start a new one if it’s a new account.


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