Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW Review Specifications | Pros | Cons

The Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW genuine remote earbuds have battery duration nearly as long as their model number – and their fathomable sound guarantees they’re a joy to pay attention to for a really long time.

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW Review
Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW Review

How can you certainly separate one set of genuine wireless earbuds from the wide range of various comparatively estimated genuine remote earbuds that are already on the market?

Indeed, if you’re Audio-Technica and the earbuds being referred to are the ATH-CKS50TW, you’ll highlight a) enormous battery duration, b) extensive specifications, and c) powerful, revealing sound.

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW Review

All these points pointed out altogether are all good. The ATH-CKS50TW is prudently small and light, and that implies they’re agreeable.

The battery duration is superior to most elective plans. The spec features – Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX Adaptive, 9mm full-range drivers, a full-work control application – are not to be sniffed at.

Also, the sound they make, all sky-high detail levels and rock-solid sound staging, is never short of entertaining.

Audio Technica ATH-CKS50TW audit

Obviously, you’ll most likely bypass the dynamic noise canceling, which is not quite up class-leading, and the somewhat grainy musical articulation that the ATH-CKS50TW presents.

Even so, nothing’s perfect – especially not where true wireless earbuds at this kind of money are concerned. Read on for more details on the Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW review.

You know as well as we do that the world is brimming with true wireless in-ear headphones at this kind of money. Some are by brands with reputations more remarkable even than that of Audio-Technica, some are by brands you may possibly never have known about – yet all believe you should put your cash in their direction.

So – as though it needs expressing – Audio-Technica has its work removed if presenting a persuading defense for the ATH-CKS50TW.


  • Formed, articulate sound
  • Amazing battery duration
  • Specs are comparably great as it at present gets


  • Noise cancellation could be better
  • Other earbuds convey rhythms more normally
  • Don’t look or feel anything extraordinary


below are its specs;

  • Acoustic design: Closed
  • Weight: 8g
  • Drivers: 9mm dynamic
  • Battery life: 20 hours (earbuds) 30 hours (charging case)
  • Extra features: Active noise cancellation, in-app equalizer, aptX Adaptive

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW: Price and Release Date

The Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW (trips off the tongue, doesn’t it?) are presently on sale now for a fair price.

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW: design and features

  • It has a substantial battery life
  • It also has a comprehensive control app
  • It is compactable and comfortable

The Audio-Technica are capsule-shaped wireless earbuds (rather than the stem-hanging option), and they use the long-laid out the twist to lock technique for fitting.

They’re rationally compact, genuinely light, and they live in a prudent and pleasantly shapely charging case. Nothing about the manner in which they look or fit will alert anybody.

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW: audio performance

  • Balanced, poised, and informative sound
  • Good detail levels and plenty of dynamic headroom
  • Noise cancellation could be more effective

Similarly, as with any earphones that provide the client with a level of command over the manner in which they sound, it’s feasible to slant the CKS50 completely by means of the EQ change.

However, similarly, as with pretty much every set of earphones in this office, the level settings the sound architects settled on are the most effective way to hear the Audio-Technica. You can assuredly make them sound unique, but you can’t make them sound better.



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