Apple WatchOS 8 – WatchOS 8 New Features, Compatibility, Review, & More

The Apple WatchOS 8 is the latest version that can be updated on your Watch 3 or newer. Even the older watches get new messaging tools, portrait mode watch and a mindfulness app.

Apple WatchOS 8 - WatchOS 8 New Features, Compatibility, Review, & More

The version has now arrived, as it was unveiled at the WWDC 2021, along with iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15. Read more on this article to know about the Apple WatchOS 8.

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Apple WatchOS 8

The WatchOS 8 has a redesigned Breathe app called mindfulness, portrait mode watch face, and a fitness workout that you can try on your watch.

Less you know, it is compatible to the Apple Watch Series 3 and above. Your iPhone is required in order to set up an Apple Watch. Ensure it is running on iOS 15, otherwise the update won’t show in the watch app.

Apple WatchOS 8 Release Date

This version was opened on the 20th of September, not long after the sepember 14 WWDC event. While the series 7 is yet to be released, you can update your WatchOS to the version 8.

How to Install WatchOS 8

To update your watch version to this latest one, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure your iPhone is running on the updated iOS 15.
  • Your watch should be connected to a charger.
  • Launch the Watch App on your iPhone.
  • Tap on My Watch.
  • Select General from the options.
  • Then select Software Update.
  • Tap on Download and Install.

Follow the prompts to complete this download. Users can also update to the Apple WatchOS 8 directly from the watch. Just head to the settings app, general, then software update.

Apple WatchOS 8 Compatibility

The version is available for Apple Watch Series 3 or newer. And can be paired with an iPhone 6s or newer.

WatchOS 8 Features

Here are some of the known features of the Apple WatchOS 8:

Keys in Wallet

The Wallet app on the Apple Watch is really useful for making payments online. And with the watchOS 8, it’ll be more improved.

Apple is adding support option for home, office, and hotel keys to the Wallet app on the watch. And users in some part of the United States will be able to upload their driver’s license or state ID for one less thing to carry.

Health and fitness

These are some of the key components of the Apple Watch. And Apple is continuing the carry it over in watchOS 8. The new Breathe app will now be known as Mindfulness. It add Reflect sessions that help users to take some of the stress out of their day.

New and redesigned apps

There will be new apps as well as other apps that are redesigned for a better user experience. This will bring a more useful and reproductive user experience while using the watch.

Portraits and World Timer faces

As the name implies “Portrait”, it uses the portrait mode photos on your iPhone with a more advance option to recognize faces and other things in the environment.

Smart home improvements

The Home app has been totally revamped with a new overview showing status symbols for your most important HomeKit-enabled devices like thermostats, lights, and more.

Focus modes

It supports Apple’s new Focus feature in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. On the Watch, Focus will automatically align with any Focus set on your device.

Notifications from people and apps are filtered based on what a user is currently doing. It also uses on-device AI to suggest apps and actions based on usage patterns.

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