Apple Watch Series 7 – Apple Watch 7 Release Date, Price, New Design & Features

The Apple Watch Series 7 release is fast spreading, as fans are seeking deeply to know what it looks like and packs. Are you looking for a smartwatch with a larger flat-edge design, an improved battery life and new health features? If so, you may want to wait for the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 - Apple Watch 7 Release Date, Price, New Design & Features

Apple users hope to see the tech giant’s new smartwatch at a rumored September event alongside the iPhone 13 and AirPods 3, but some still think it could be delayed due to manufacturing difficulties. Until then, let the bell about the Apple Watch 7 continues to ring. The latest gossip says the new Apple Watch won’t be compatible with current watch bands don’t know if its true, but we will confirm once its released.

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Apple Watch Series 7

As a follow-up to the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch series 7 should come with a handful of upgrades that make the best smartwatch even better. We may see a new health sensor, enhanced display, longer battery life and more. There’s also talk of an all-new, flat-edged design with larger screens.

Apple Series 7

Apple has debuted a new smartwatch every year since 2015 (in 2020, it actually released two) so we’re confident an Apple Watch Series 7 is the pipeline. It could be accompanied by a new version, too, much like the Apple Watch SE released alongside the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date

Apple typically holds its iPhone launch event in September of every year and the next iteration of the Watch is normally announced at the same time. Of course, things didn’t quite follow the ‘normal’ path in 2020. The Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE were revealed ahead of the iPhone 12 series on 15 September 2020.

At present the release date is yet to be known. Whether or not, Apple will follow its former tradition which is supposed to be September 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 Design and Display

The Apple Watch Series 4 made some big design changes in terms of display and the Series 5, Series 6 and Watch SE adopt the same design. The general style and shape remain the same as the original Watch, but the newer watches offer a lot more screen in similar footprints.

Rumor has it a round watch face and wrap-around flexible display are being researched, but there’s also been talk of a squared-edge design for the Series 7, following in the same footsteps as the iPhone 12 models, iPad Air and the M1 iMac.

It’s also said the display will be flatter and closer to the front glass, while the casing itself is said to be slightly thicker.

Apple Watch Series 7 Specs

The main specs that are expected to be improved should be; Focus on fitness (more advanced features), Battery sleep tracking, improved battery life, smart straps.

In terms of features, we expect more health and fitness features on the Series 7. It’s claimed there will be a ‘Time to Run’ feature and Audio Meditations joining the ‘Time to Walk’ feature on Fitness+.

There is also a possibility for battery improvements to match other smartwatches in the market and also there should be more advanced sleep tracking on the Series 7, as well as roaming capabilities.

Apple Watch Series 7 Rumors

Rumors indicate that Apple will take things to the next level with the Apple Watch Series 7. The Apple Watch completely changed wearable technology as we know it. Sure, there were smartwatches before the Apple Watch, but none were as impactful, influential, and well-implemented.

The Apple Watch Series 6 was Apple’s best effort yet. The new smartwatch will come with Apple’s WatchOS 8 software, announced at WWDC this past June. If rumors pan out, the new Watch could be a worthwhile upgrade from last year’s Apple Watch Series 6, which Apple unveiled at a virtual event in September 2020.

Apple also released a more affordable midrange smartwatch last year, the Apple Watch SE, which could itself be getting a successor in 2022.

Traditionally, Apple launched a redesign for its iPhone and Apple Watch every three years. For the Apple Watch, this is the year. As a result, we’re expecting the Apple Watch Series 7 to bring a number of changes. You can get more details on Apple Watch Series 7 by simply clicking here.

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