App for Facebook Dating – Features of Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating Profile

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Has anyone thought about these App for Facebook Dating? Well, Facebook over the years, is known as one of the biggest social media platforms for connecting and communicating. The platform also introduced a marketplace app within the app, where users can buy and sell locally. Not long after the marketplace release, the platform introduced a Dating App. App for Facebook Dating has the name implies is not basically a standalone app on its own. Also, the feature is simple, free and accessible to Facebook users only. I believe you are wondering what the Dating app is all about and also wish t learn more about it. Well, I’ve got you covered, all you’ve to do is to read and pay attention.

App for Facebook Dating - Features of Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating Profile

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App for Facebook Dating

App for Facebook Dating is a digital dating product provided by Facebook. The feature allows users to filter based on location, religion, age or height. Facebook dating as I said earlier, is not a standalone app on its own. Rather, it is an inbuilt app or feature with the main Facebook platform. The dating service is not yet made global just in a few locations or countries. It is free and simple to use for all, but in other to use the service, you need to have had a dating profile. Your dating profile is separate from your Facebook account profile.

Also, text within the dating scene is done separately. Even though Facebook Dating is not worldwide, the feature is already having some positive reviews from users. It is accessible to users from the ages of 18 years and above in Canada, Columbia, Thailand, etc. Facebook Dating app is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. Also, it is an opt-in service, in other words, it is optional. The feature or service includes some really interesting features which I will be listed below.

Features of Facebook Dating

If you have been using Facebook for long now, you would know that the platform doesn’t disappoint when it comes to offering users with great service. That includes the dating app or service. Here are some of the features you can find on the app;

  • There are no Ads or Popups.
  • Facebook dating has built for a long term relationship.
  • It is an optional service.
  • Separate dating profile.
  • The service doesn’t allow gender discrimination.
  • Your dating profile doesn’t pop up on your Facebook Newsfeed.
  • The friends you have on your account are not shown as potential matches.
  • The service is totally free for all users to use.

Facebook Dating app has some other interesting features that I have not listed above. In other to find out, you need to create a profile and start using the service.

How to Activate Facebook Dating on my Account?

Activating or opting into the dating service on your Facebook account is simple and very fast. All you need to do is to log in to your profile first. Follow the steps below;

  • Open the Facebook app on your device and tap on “Login” or you can also visit their website if you are a web user by visiting Facebook.
  • On the login form, enter your email address or mobile phone number and password.
  • Then hit on “Login”.

The profile would be loaded on the details immediately if the details are correct. Once the account is logged in, the next step would be creating a dating profile.

Creating a Facebook Dating Profile

Creating a dating profile is simple and free. The procedure is very easy and fast. To create, follow the simple guidelines below;

  • Open your Facebook account and tap on your profile picture.
  • Locate and tap on the “Heart” icon below your picture.
  • On the registration form, enter your gender, the gender you wish to be matched with, location, likes and dislikes, height, etc.
  • Then upload a dating profile picture of you and tap on “Confirm” to confirm the profile creation.

Immediately the profile would be created and you can start getting matches. You equally create a Facebook account if you don’t have one by visiting Facebook and follow the steps on the sign-up page.