3 Essential Apps for Smartphones Users – The Best Android Apps Available Right Now

With so much of apps accessible there are 3 Essential Apps for Smartphones Users. These days, smartphones are a very useful device used in our everyday lives. It represents the only connection to the digital world for many users.

3 Essential Apps for Smartphones Users - The Best Android Apps Available Right Now

Smartphones can be used for so much activities and services ranging from banking and shopping to entertainment and news. On this article, I will be detailing 3 best apps a phone user should get in their phones.

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3 Essential Apps for Smartphones Users

Smartphones as we may know is a pocket-sized computer with a lot of benefits and vulnerabilities. Having a smartphone is like having a whole new technology world on your hand.

If you are vast with technology, then you should know there are a lot of things you can do with your smartphone.

Smartphone Apps and Services

A lot of smartphone users focus on legitimate part of the internet playing Betway Live Casino games and reading Google news services only. All these using the apps and services provided with their mobile phones.

But less you know, there are other apps and services that are either much better than the built-in apps. Some of these apps even provide features that are not included yet necessary in the built-in apps.

3 Important Apps for Smartphone Users

As said earlier, I will be detailing some apps every smartphone user should get. And also, what the apps are made for and why it is important to you in your daily activities.


This is a free open-source DNSN changer and VPN service app you can use on Android mobile phone. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is free and ad-free, and will assist you a lot in internet activities.

The app help to avoid DNS spoofing otherwise called cache poisoning. It also let users access sites and services that are not available in their location.

Blue Mail

All smartphones have an email client, and this is most time needed for mailing other users. There are times when the built-in email apps don’t cut it, and this is where Blue Mail is helpful.

It has an attractive design that is very easy to use, as well as other features to make mailing easier for the user. It can handle several email accounts, with custom notification sound and colors for each.

One among the best features is that users can mark emails as read or delete them directly from the notification it sends.

Files by Google

This app is installed by default on the latest Android phones. It is simple, and easy to use with all its features well packed on the app platform.

The app lets you clean up junk files, allows you copy, transfer, or back up files to your Google cloud storage. Its platform is user-friendly, with a fast-working disk cleanup.


Note that, these apps are mainly for some smartphone users. Especially users who are more into internet work and business, not for the usual veteran users using their phone for just call, message, and games.

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