10 Best MPH Programs – Best MPH Programs 2022

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10 Best MPH Programs

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10 Best MPH Programs

Earning your online Master of Public Health (MPH) from one of the top MPH programs simply has become more attainable for students needing a flexible schedule in an online format. Top MPH programs also give working professionals—and even those with family and some other obligations—the ability to continue working and fulfilling important obligations without leaving home.

Prospective students simply entering one of these online master’s in public health programs can then pursue their graduate degree to advance their career and future without sacrificing their full-time work. These best master of public health online programs can also assist you in beginning to plan for your educational and career goals.

Best MPH Programs 2022

Here are the Best MPH Programs in 2022 that you should know:

  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Public Health Online.

In state Tuition $8,100

Out of state tuition of $19,188


This top online MPH program from the University of Alabama at Birmingham can simply be finished completely online. With three concentrations to simply choose from, students can then have options to follow their interests. Concentrations are also available in environmental and even occupational health, epidemiology, or health behavior.

The 12 dual degree programs simply reflect UAB’s priority and also understand that public health is a collaborative field. With financial aid and scholarships available, students can even find an affordable path to finance their online MPH program. MPH students simply participate in an Applied Practice Experience (APE) in their community.

  • The University of South Florida

Public Health Online.

In state Tuition $8,350

Out of state tuition of $19,048


If you are looking for a top online MPH program for public health training in an online format, then you should consider the USF College of Public Health. A recognized leader in online education, the University of South Florida’s top MPH online programs are then offered in seven concentrations.

Concentration options simply include epidemiology, public health practice, infection control, social marketing, nutrition and dietetics, and also global disaster management/humanitarian relief and homeland security. This online MPH program from USF simply coordinates with a team of expert graphic and instructional designers in their Office of Educational Technology and Assessment to ensure courses are delivered in an engaging format.

  • The University of North Texas Health Science Center

MPH Degree

In state Tuition $8,524

Out of State Tuition is $28,446.


The University of North Texas simply offers students an exceptional and affordable option for their top online MPH program. Prospective students for this program will also have at least three years of work experience in a healthcare position, or simply have an advanced degree, or even be currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program. The MPH concentrations at UNT simply include Public Health Leadership, Biostatistics and Data Science, Epidemiology, and even Maternal and Child Health. With courses each taken in eight-week increments, this 42-48-credit online MPH program can simply be completed on a part-time or full-time basis.

  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Online MPH

$10,552 in-state tuition

Out of State Tuition is $28,884


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill simply offers one of the top online MPH programs in the country. UNC also trains practical public health leaders who then pursue a healthier world through health promotion. Their best master’s in public health programs promise to prepare graduates who anticipate and also combat some of the world’s most urgent public health issues.

UNC’s collaborative online learning environment promises a top-notch online MPH degree education, no matter where you live in the world. As one of the best online MPH programs, students can also complete this program on a full-time or part-time basis in as few as 16–20 months or in as many as five years.

  • University of California Berkeley

Online MPH

Tuition in-state is $11,442.

Out of State Tuition is $26,544.


University of California, Berkeley boasts one of the top MPH online degrees that are offered in the country. This robust MPH program from Berkeley’s school of public health can also be completed online in just 27 months and even promises to equip students with relevant skills in health promotion from anywhere in the world.

This flexible best online MPH program, designed to empower professionals seeking to advance their careers, simply promises students will have a greater impact on the job. Classes are then taught by leaders in the public health field in an effective online environment. Students in this top online MPH program then meet and also work with classmates during two in-person summer sessions for a total of 15 days.

  • The University of Washington

Online MPH

In-State Tuition $16,605

Out of State Tuition is $29,763


This top online MPH from the University of Washington simply promises to equip students with the skills and competencies to be successful in the public health sector. If you are a working professional with at least two years of experience working to tackle current health challenges, you should then consider the University of Washington’s 18-month top MPH online program with a focus on public health leadership.

UW’s alumni have become public health leaders in health care, government health agencies, academia, health promotion, and also public health nonprofits and industry at home and even abroad. Students study online and also have three on-campus sessions. This top online MPH program simply requires 160 hours of fieldwork at an organization simply providing services related to public health.

  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Online MPH

State Tuition $17,884

Out of State Tuition is $27,612


This top online MPH program from the University of Minnesota is offered in maternal and child health as well as as an executive MPH in Public Health Practice or Public Health Administration and Policy. Students can simply continue to work full-time while continuing to learn and pursue their degrees. Online MPH students simply enjoy in-state tuition costs, making it even more affordable.

This flexible top online MPH program can simply be completed online with some on-campus requirements, depending on the program. Students can also attend this public health online program full-time or part-time and even complete it in as little as 16 months, or take up to five years to complete (the average completion time is 3.5 years).

  • Drexel University

Online MPH

Tuition of $36,234


Looking to advance within your current public health track or are you seeking to change careers to enter the exciting field of public health? Check out Drexel University’s top online public health degree, simply designed for experienced professionals or recent graduates alike. This robust program simply focuses on health and human rights, urban health, global health, executive training, and also translating policy into practice.

Drexel’s online MPH features four concentrations: Epidemiology MPH, Executive MPH, Global Health MPH, and even Urban Health MPH. Online students may also elect to add a secondary focus area such as Maternal and Child Health, Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, or LGBT Health.

  • Emory University

MPH Online

Tuition of $44,800


Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health’s best online master of public health program is simply designed for working professionals. Online students in this 42-credit MPH program then enjoy an interactive online degree program that simply includes two on-campus sessions each semester.

The on-campus sessions are simply designed to complement online classes and also allow students to nurture professional relationships in a conference-like setting. Two tracks are even available in this online master of public health program: Prevention Science and Applied Epidemiology.

Prevention science simply emphasizes the development and assessment of population-based or community-based interventions. Applied Epidemiology tracks diseases and even disease indicators within populations and also contributes to public health practice and policy and research.

  • Johns Hopkins University

Online MPH

Tuition of $58,720


Johns Hopkins University’s top Bloomberg School of Public Health simply offers one of the top masters of public health degrees that are offered online in the country, with a flexible part-time program targeted at working professionals.

Students have online and onsite options, can then take courses school-wide, and can also interact with public health faculty members renowned for teaching, public health practice, and their ongoing global research. Students interact in a collaborative learning environment where they learn from each other.


Which MPH concentration makes the most money?

Natural sciences managers in research and development in the physical, life and engineering sciences earned a median salary of $172,990 in 2020 open-in-new, followed by manufacturing, and also management in scientific and technical consulting services at $146,000 and $126,780, respectively.

Is MPH in Canada good?

MPH in Canada is simply preferred because of its cheap tuition rates in Ottawa and McGill University, which are down by more than 12.5% in comparison to some other 10 universities in Canada. Moreover, a higher ROI by simply earning between CAD 65,000 to 80,000 annually, thus resulting in a complete win-win situation post-graduating.

Is MPH worth it in the USA?

An MPH is also worth it because it simply shows prospective employers your determination to advance in your field. They also know that, because of the extensive training that MPH programs provide, you will then likely be able to offer unique solutions that will even benefit their organization or their company.


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