10 Best Car Insurance Companies

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10 Best Car Insurance Companies

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10 Best Car Insurance Companies

Here are the 10 best car insurance companies where you can insure your car:


USAA is one of the best insurance companies in the world today. According to a 2022 survey, USAA customers simply report the highest level of customer satisfaction and are also the most likely to renew their policies and recommend USAA to other drivers. USAA also has the lowest rates, beating the national average by 35%.

USAA insurance products, including auto, homeowners, and renters’ policies, are only available to members of the military community. As such, not all drivers will be eligible for coverage through this insurer.

State Farm

State Farm is No. 2 in the rating and has above-average scores in each subcategory, including claims handling and customer loyalty. It also did well in the cheapest car insurance companies’ 2022 rating. Its average premiums for drivers with less than pristine driving records were simply the lowest in our rating for those unable to get a policy from USAA.


Farmers tied for No. 1 in ratings for claims handling and then No. 2 in customer service. It also ties for No. 2 in customer loyalty. Where Farmers did not simply perform as well was in Most Likely to Renew, where its score of 4.0 is below the category average of 4.2.


Nationwide moved up two spots since the 2021 analysis, tying for the No. 3 spot. Nationwide has the second-highest scores in customer loyalty and also the most likely to be recommended sub ratings and also above-average scores in each of the other subtracting categories. Nationwide also has below-average rates for some of the drivers, especially those with a good driving record or poor credit.


In the No. 3 spot in this year’s rating is Geico, with average scores across the board in categories like customer service, claims to handle, and customer loyalty. Where it stands out is in its premiums, which earned it the No. 2 spot in the rating of the cheapest car insurance companies in 2022. Its rates are just behind top-rated USAA for teens and also for senior drivers as well as those with poor credit.


Allstate moved up three spots to then tie at No. 6 in this year’s Best Car Insurance Companies rating, Allstate is also ranked No. 4 in the Most Likely to Be Recommended subtracting, although the company received slightly below-average scores in most of the other subtracting categories. Its rates are simply among the highest in our analysis, but Allstate might then offer a competitive rate for certain drivers, such as those with a speeding violation on their driving record.


Travelers also had some upward movement this year, moving up two spots and then tying for the No. 6 position. Travelers’ customer service score is lower than seven other insurers in our analysis, but it takes the No. 1 spot in the Claims Handling subrating category and the No. 3 spot for the Most Likely to Be Renewed category. Travelers can also receive an above-average score for policy renewal and even receive offers with premiums that are typically lower than the national average.


Progressive takes the No. 8 spot in today’s analysis. Overall, customers are simply or generally satisfied with the ease of opening a policy, but Progressive places last in our Best for Customer Loyalty category and also has below-average scores in every other subrating in our survey. Progressive customers also report being less likely to renew their policy or recommend the insurer to other drivers. However, people with a DUI might then be able to unlock savings with Progressive. Its rates for those drivers are simply among the lowest in our study.


AAA is also new to the Best Car Insurance Companies rating, and it simply ties with Progressive for the No. 8 spot. Its scores are below average in each category that has been analyzed. It does, however, take the No. 6 spot in the Most Likely to be Renewed subrating, beating Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, and also American Family. AAA even has the highest average premiums, but drivers considering AAA should then be able to get a quote to determine if their individual rate is more competitive.

American Family

American Family has simply dropped four spots this year and ranks No. 10 in the analysis. Its scores are the lowest in the most rated categories, though American Family has a slightly higher score than Progressive in the Best for Customer Loyalty category. Despite low scores, American Family does offer competitive rates for many drivers, especially teen drivers, drivers with poor credit, and also drivers with an accident or DUI on their record.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

According to the most recent study, the average cost of car insurance is about $1,539. However, your premium might then be higher or lower, depending on multiple variables, including:

  • Age
  • Driver record
  • Location
  • Type and amount of coverage.
  • Credit score.
  • Available car insurance discounts

Car insurance quotes are just the easiest way for you to find out how much you may pay. You can also get car insurance quotes online or by talking to an agent via email, over the phone, or in person.

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

The amount of insurance that you then need depends on several factors. One of the most important indicators of how much coverage you might need is state requirements. Most states simply have laws that require drivers to simply carry a minimum amount of liability coverage. Some states also require drivers to carry other types of insurance, such as uninsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection (PIP).

The next thing for you to consider is any lender or lessor requirements. If you then make monthly payments on your vehicle, your loan or lease agreement specifies how much coverage you simply need to carry. Refer to your lender, lessor, or financing agreement.


What car insurance discounts should I look for?

Discounts on vehicle safety equipment, such as airbags, are very easy to get. Also, make sure to get a bundling discount by buying from the same company if you need more than one type of insurance policy.

Good student car insurance discounts are even common. If you have a teen or young adult driver, you might then be able to get a good student discount. And you might also be able to get a small discount for things you would do anyway, like going paperless by simply receiving insurance bills and policies electronically.

How can I find the best price on car insurance? 10 Best Car Insurance Companies

The key to you finding a good deal is to get car insurance quotes from multiple companies. That is the only way you will know what companies are going to charge and which companies are coming in with the lowest rates.

Another good savings strategy is for you to bundle auto insurance with another policy, such as homeowners’ or renters’ insurance. Buying more than one policy from the same company will then typically result in a decent discount.

Which company has the best car insurance?

Geico, Nationwide, Travelers, and USAA have the best car insurance. These companies score the highest based on low rates, coverage selections, collision repair, complaints, and website readability.


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